Diet or Not

I have been away for a break as anyone who has read my recent posts would know. Back home now and upon reflection of the last week have come to a realisation that everybody probably has after a bit of indulgence.

I’v Put some Weight On

So how do I lose it now I have put it on? This is what I think about losing weight. I have tried everything from over the counter tablets to magic tablets that I had to meet a Doctor each time before taking one. The drinks now there just silly or you do is starve yourself while feeding vitamins as a supplement. Why not just have fruit for your breakfast and lunch, then at least you chew something. .

I bought Atkins and at least three other books. Why haven’t anyone written a book about not using weightloss products? Maybe because the truth doesn’t sell. The truth is people only hear what you say when it’s what they want to hear.

We can all believe something that isn’t true, tell ourselves one thing and override common sense. Like If I leave part of my big mac I will lose weight. Right! Wrong!

There is no secret to fat loss .

Diets in general are I think not good.

The only Secret to losing weight is simple. Work hard, Plenty of exercise and eat less. Oh and don’t forget a balanced diet.

( I feel that Honesty Is needed here, while writing this post my wife brought me a packet of cheese and onion crisps and a class of beer. My apologies If this makes me out an hypocrite. In my defence I had salad for my Dinner)

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In Bed With The Royal Wedding

Wow, is all I can say.

I can remember the street party with Charles and Diana, it was brilliant for a young child as I was at the time. If you have been reading the last few days i’v been away for a short break. My wife asked me if I wanted to watch the royal wedding on friday. My answer was “Its not really a big thing anymore, so I don’t really care either way” That was that and we left with no set plan to watch.

We came back late last night as traffic and road closures around London could have made the journey back today hectic. Hence this morning I woke, turned the tv on in the bedroom, there in 42″ of screen was the Royal Wedding. Knowing that the wife would love to watch this I went and made a pot of coffee. We then proceeded to sit in bed drink three cups of coffee, not even stoping to brush our teeth.

It was a Royal Wedding fest.

By the time Kate Middleton was meant to leave the hotel I was actually excited to see the dress. The two Princes where looking nobel and royal. In my imagination my to boys Weddings were playing out. Then I was struck by the people lining the streets of London. The excitement must have been palpable and the sense of a united interest Great. I was happy to be english today and with all the bad happening in the world today it felt good to be proud of being British.

My wife was very excited to see the evening dress only moments ago, tomorrow morning we are to see the going away dress. As for my comment “Its not really a big thing anymore” I was wrong all weddings are a big thing and the royal wedding is the biggest.

It will be interesting to see what Prince Harry will do on his  big day.

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Spelling Mistakes

This is a quick post regards my spelling. A good friend of mine informed me that he keeps finding spelling mistakes on my blog. All I can do is apologise profusely about this.
I write my blog mainly on the go using my iPhone 4 with the WordPress app. If you have read my profile you will know that my day job is a decorator, as all decorators, my hands tend to be large., my finger tips are more like stumps and far from nimble. Although the iPhone is an amazing phone, it spell checks everything you write. You may say that should solve the spelling problem. Well no not really, you see it also replaces words if you spell them wrong. It can replace it with some thing that is totally opposite to what you intended to write. When like me you get on a roll, you neglect to check back. It is actually advised not to check back especially when writing a long bit of prose, it can wreck the flow and I do agree with this.

I am what you would call a discovery writer, I start with an idea then take it from there, no plotting or character development until the story is completely finished. This way the story evolves as I write, making it very enjoyable for me to write, its pretty much like I’m reading the story as I write it.

As anybody who rights a lot will tell you reading your own words is well just that, you read what you want to read not what is there.

If I can come up with any more excusers I will promptly post them, until then I promise to work harder at finding these rough trees within my forest of words.

Any suggestion then Please comment.

Day four Butlins

9:16am Woke from the crypt about an hour ago. Within five mins I found myself trying to ma bubble solution for a bubble gun. Not going so well, might visit the shop after all.
This is the final full day of our little break so it’s going to be action packed and full on for the kids, and me. Apparently they are planing to take me on all The rides today. That includes the ones I don’t want to go on. A fathers work is never done. Is that the saying, well to me it is. (I love it really)

This is a picture I wanted to put on yesterday’s post. Its of my family, I thought you should meet them in all there glory at brighton beach.


12:31 Been swimming and very hungry now. We managed to do all the slides today, kids loved it. The wife broke her fear of slides and I didn’t get stuck in the boat. Quick shower and change then back out to play.

15:52pm Fair grounds, they just don’t agree with me. All that spinning and dropping. Up and down up and down, then round and round finishing with that sudden stop. Except the head is still moving up and down round and round. I feel funny just writing about it. I think that eating a potato with cheese and beans did not help. I did manage to keep it down and the kids had great fun in my misery. If the happy I’m happy.
Once my stomach has calmed down we headed for the bumper car, good fun. The some bright spark suggested we here a four Seater go cart. The kind you peddle round for half an hour. Both the kids in front enjoying the ride. Me and my wife in back me steering and both us peddling. Needless to say I did not think I would be doing a workout today.
We have decided to head back tonight. It’s the royal wedding tomorrow and we have to drive near London and I think there maybe problems on the roads as they have closed many for the wedding. Kids are having a big spend on the arcades, then a meal to fuel the journey home.
00:53am We have arrived home fifteen minutes ago. A smooth four hour drive, the children slept all the way. I listened to Stephen King the dark tower book 5 and a podcast called writing excusers.
I intend to keep up with the posts. Wether it will be daily we will have to see. The subject mater will be more writing orientated, my is far to boring otherwise.

Day three at Butlins

7:37am Wrestling, that’s all I can say. If dreams mean anything see what you make of this, I was wearing a wrestling mask like the one my son wore in my last post. Running round the streets and slums of Rio, beneath that great wonder, Jesus Christ the saviour. I was being chased by a gang who wanted to do me harm. The reason for this escapes me. There maybe a short story in this some were who knows I’m never short of ideas.


On a more related topic, the plan today is to have a day trip to Brighton beach. I checked on the satnav and it’s about a forty min drive. We should just get there before the kids start asking the dreaded “are we there yet” over and over. If you are wondering the Seagulls were quiet or I slept heavy, ether way all smiles here.

16:47pm set off to Brighton about 10:30am and arrived 11:42am. Took a little longer than I thought it would be. Finding a parking space became desperate about half way down the sea front. We pulled into the next car park in fear of not finding one. This was a mistake for the charges were £4 first hour £8 for one to two hours and £16 two to four hours. If there wasn’t a car behind me I would have reversed before going thought the barrier.
All had a great time walking down the front, then finishing off with a. Bowl of Chinese vegetable noodles. Weather had been slow to start but very warm by 1 o’clock.
I had my picture taken with Kate Middleton (see below)


Got back to the resort, headed to the pub for my ritual afternoon pint of guinness. A young child managed to cut his face open on a play frame next to where we were siting. A little bit of a commotion then all was good again.
Back to apartment for a chill then shower and change.

23:30pm Centre stage tonight and watched Street-life a dance/singing group. They are very good, we highly enjoyed the show.
My youngest son wanted a Bubble gun. Thats a plastic gun that shoots bubbles. He had the best of times, until the bubbles ran out then he hands it to me. Nothing said just that look to say fix it. He turned and went back to whatever he was doing. I’m left with a bubble gun with no bubbles. To avoid disappointing him I will take a trip to the shop first thing.
Once again a good night had by all. This is turning into one of the best breaks we have had as a family. If it wasn’t for the sad news we had it would have been perfect.

R.I.P. Katerina.

Life certainly knows how to throw them. This week had kind of turned into a dairy blog. I’m not sure if this will continue or not. You see placing two or three notes to blog about later, seems to prevent me from writing other things. Time will tell as it always will.

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Butlins day two

5:15am Seagulls, are these great and beautiful creatures, gliding above our heads. Great White and grey birds of the sea. NO they are noisy little scavengers. We sat eating a lovely meal last night when one decided to land on the table next to us, it gave us a weary look and proceeded to take great big chips and nock it’s head back taking them one by one. We found this fun to watch untill it’s friends decided to join him. I say friends but they were far from friends, fighting began, the biggest won.
Then this morning they give me a wake up call at 5:15am. Needless to say not my most favourite bird.

08:03am woke up after getting back to sleep after the cacophony of seagull music. Kid have just woke, the sun is shining and we are going to have a fun time with wave machines and water slides. After breakfast of course.

12:01pm been to the pool had the waves and took my oldest son his first fast water slide. He was scared, at the grand old age of ten their are many first’s to be had. His was the space bowl, a fast flume that drops you into a big bowl Which you spin round until you slow enough to fall from the bottom into 2.6 meters of water. I went first, apparently creating a laugh for many onlookers as I splashed down. (I’m not a small man) My son did me proud, landed and swam out with no problem. He then told me he is not doing that again until he is older.

14:56pm fish and chips. A must when at a British beach. The only problem is that I’m at a British beach until Friday. That at least for lots of fish and chips in one week. I managed to work of the food today by watching the kids in some water walkers. Very good fun, must have laughed for the whole ten min’s. Pint of Guinness (a bit early even for me but heck, I’m on holiday)

19:20 I’m starting to feel like a alcoholic because I’m about to say I’m siting in a pub having a drink of Guinness. But at three o’clock I was having a drink. So to you it may seem that I have been drinking all this time. I will give you my word that I had one this afternoon and one now. We took the kids back for a siesta. Generally we have three choices of venue in the evening. Reds(not so young), Centre Stage(can have adult themes) and main stage(young children).
My youngest has gone to main stage to watch Barney. Older one is addicted to two pence machine. We are in-between them both having a drink. I love holidays they seem to get better as the years go on.

23:21pm We had some bad news regards a family member at 8:30pm. Wife is up set. Kids being kids(unaware of bad news) had a great time watching wrestling in Reds. There was two fights plus a tag match. My eldest is a confirmed wrestling fan now. They had photos with the wrestlers and the big pointy foam fingers also brought them a wrestling mask each. A good night had by them. Not due back until Friday, only with the bad news comes possibility of early end to the break. I think its a case of wait to see what tomorrow brings.
Below my eldest in his mask.


Break at Butlins bognor

12:30pm Just arrived at Butlins bognor, for the first time I have been able to book in and head for a cold drink with a stake sandwich. How’s that for chill.

16:45pm finally got the bags to the apartment, kids changed out of the wet clothes after playing in the sea. I’m about to have a shower.
I do find it strange how the first day is always hot and it’s always the day you have the most to do. Like finding the room and unpacking the clothes. Enough moaning. The Forecast for the week is good, we are going to have sunshine most the week with the temperature dropping slightly toward the end. Off to have some food soon.

18:30 finished a surprisingly good meal. There own make of pie and mash. I Highly recommend this, the pie is big and full of meat and mushroom with small shallots. Very tasty indeed.


20:11 two pence pieces, you tell me how can you spend fifteen pounds with two pence pieces? I have never really been one for the slot machines or penny drop machines. On the other hand my children seem to love them. At a cost to me. My wife says its because we are not good parents and we just don’t think about the consciences Before handing out pound after pound. I think its just fun, for now.

20:40pm The boys had some tattoos see for your self below. Cool to be young.


20:45pm Candy floss memory’s


22:01pm just left Reds where there was a tribute act on called Pink, good singer and sounded a lot like Pink. Looked like her two. Both kids are in bed, I’m going to try and finish stephen kings After the Sunset before turning the lights.

Tomorrow I for see swim swim swim.

Evolution or intelligent design, which?

Evolution or intelligent design which? 
As I approach my thirty-ninth year, my mind is constantly drawn towards the hereafter or the afterlife. I am approaching the middle of my life this leaves me or gives me a question.
Should I be thinking of the end of my life only half way through? I think not.
But I also think it is probably a common thing, as we approach half way through our lives and we start to think we may have less years ahead than what are behind us and we feel that we may have not achieved anything we really wanted to do. Then we reach this midlife and it dawns that we have less time in front, have we done what we wanted to do, then it dawns, have we done what we wanted to do with the time we have had? So this brings the question will I have another chance? Will I get another go? Will it be possible for me to do this again and maybe achieve the goals that I wanted to achieve in this life?
Thus Evolution verse Intelligent Design. Evolution tells us that we evolved over millions of years, ranging from primates, marsupials, mammals of all kinds, basically all starting from a point in time about 4.54 billion years ago where the conditions for the creation of this planet we fondly call Earth. Life started around 4 billion years ago, it is said that because of the many hits by asteroids that the process was started over and over again but 4 billion is the accepted figure.  There is two possible starts to this one from outer space and the other from right here on planet Earth nevertheless both make similar mechanisms for life to begin. Now all this is proven to a degree, it has evidence, it has highly educated people saying that this is the way it all started.
Where Intelligent Design can be tracked back just a few thousand years, I know people who are very much involved in Intelligent Design wether they believe it or not. In my opinion all aspects of anything to do with the supernatural wether it is spiritualism, religion or any of the fringes or fractions of faith. They all involve from some form of Intelligent Design. They all have some degree of belief that there is some higher power at work, it could be a god or just an unseen force at work. By implication this means some sort of Intelligence’s having a hand in the creation of things as we know it. Rather than just random events evolving, learning and evolving.
This led me to a year of research, I spent many months looking into spiritualism as people i know are heavily involved. I spent my time going to meetings and churches seeing people who are regarded as an authority in the supernatural, such as ghosts and spirit. As far as the meeting I attended, well I did have some experiences that would be classified as being supernatural. I have sat in a room with many people in a circle, I had a feeling you would get when coming in to land at an airport. That pressure on your face and eyes. Well, its like that, the whole room was like that. I cannot explain were this pressure came from, was it there from spiritualism? Or just there minds transmitting like telekinesis. There was about ten to twelve people in that room and every one of them came with the experience of what they believed, after meditation they were telling me things about people that were in the room and about myself. This was including dead people that were surrounding us.
I have tried my hardest to think from this point of view and I have a problem that there is no evidence its pure speculation. Even the things that have happened even the images I saw in my meditation, I saw things that were so provocative that, I wanted to make me believe! But this again don’t prove anything. Its purely me thinking, I can think of me flying through the sky or being in outer space it will not make it real. It just means its me thinking, it’s my imagination. It’s part of me making these things up. and this is the fundamental problem with Intelligent Design there is no proof. In the previous paragraph I list proofs but thats just the tip of what I can find out. I just don’t have the time to go through it all. People of faith say there is proof they say that Intelligent Design is all around us, that how could things just be random? How could organs, complicated organ develop like the eye, how could something so complicated as the eye not be of design. The brain, how could something so durable like the heart be not of design. In-fact what was before the heart or brain? How did creatures live with out them. The answer is all around us now. There are creatures in our seas that have eyes far less developed than humans many creatures have small brains and still manage a successful existence.
 Through these creatures we can map our selves all the way back to the beginning. Professor Richard Dawkins says in his book The Selfish Gene, that we are just a vessel for the gene and it is the gene that keeps itself moving through evolution. We are more like a by product, if it could find a more efficient way then we would soon be no more, replaced by a more efficient carrier.
After all said and done I’m afraid it leaves me where I started as a spectator of life of somebody that will not ever know what the answer is. I am, as you may guess from the writing swing towards the evolutionary path, I’m happy to be here to. I do believe that the evidence is stacked way against the Intelligent Design theory. There is no evidence that can be proved to support Intelligent Design no mater how far you look back. I could almost write a book on this subject itself as I feel quite strong about it. I just feel that it must come down to evidence and that evidence must be logical to bring about a logical outcome. Up to this day the evidence is not in favour of Intelligent Design it is in favour of Evolution.
A lot of Intelligent Design believers don’t believe they are on the side of Intelligent Design, they kind of skip between the two and this bothers me because some people believe in a higher power that supports them and helps them though life, while at the same time believing in Evolution. Only picking elements that suits them, this is a contradiction in belief full stop, its wrong in my opinion. They should make a dissuasion on were there going to stand. If you believe in Evolution then by implication you cannot believe in any part of Intelligent Design. Evolution is what it is, it cannot be turned it to a bit of the other it has to be that, purely fact based on the evidence that we hold to date. Other wise it isn’t Evolution. People do this probable for there own reasons maybe they feel a need it to support there life or more probable support with there death and the ever after. I am curious myself I cannot deny that I don’t like the idea of death. I have noticed that people who have lost someone close to them. Do seem to be more towards the atheist then the religions route. I think that because they have a vested interest in communicating with the dead and when there is no reply then then it deflates the argument. It always seems to be a distant relative that is contacted and not any one that can be verified. I suppose I should put my foot on one side of the fence its only fair after all the dispersions I’m making. At this point in my life what faith do I follow? Well I’m purely Evolutionist and I’m most definitely an Atheist in the simple sense of the word that I believe that there is no higher power. I believe that my life is my life and its up to me to make the best of that life. I should not be concentrating on the end of it right now being that I’m in the middle, I should be concentrating on my life and this is what I shall do from now on. Religion, spiritualism or what ever you want to go into, all seem to be a focus on the end of life. People all seem to be fixated with the hereafter and that in its self kind of means that if you live your life for your death then its kind of a waist of life, your not evolving as you should.
Please remember that this is all my personal opinion.
Please leave a comment I would like your opinion on any thing.



A Blurb a short description of a book, movie, or other product written for promotional purposes and appearing on the cover of a book or in an advertisement.
In my last post I promised that I would have the first draft of my blurb and an update on my novel Purple. As I seem to be falling into a two part blog, I will do as the last blog and break it into two.

Part one.

The blurb to my novel, I have found this hard to complete. The main reason for this is how do you pass the story on in about 200 words. Simply put you cannot, if you could then it should be a 200 word essay or flash fiction. I found that if i concentrated on the beginning say the first three or four chapters then it became less of an up hill climb. I made sure I included the main protagonist and the main antagonist. Also a sample of the conflict. Finishing with the ever so important goal. Its not finished but i do like it for a first draft.
Below is the first draft of my Blurb see what you think.

       John Vally had been at Work finishing his first successful contract in his new career as a self employed contractor.  His joy at finally being able to show his wife that he can be responsible is shattered by the invasion of a ruthless alian race, who leave there young to do all the killing. 

The event which causes the population of the united kingdom to drop by eighty percent within a few hours is the most devastating that has happened since records began.

Those who are lucky enough to be in a rural location at the time of the event are the last to be hunted.

       The Chule began attacking and killing anyone in their way.  Fortunately for John, he does live in such a rural area. In the panic to get out and find his way home and find out about his wife and son in London he is joined by mike, a man he meets in the local hardware store immediately following The attack and a young girl, Sarah, who he rescue’s from being killed by one of the “Chule.”  The story follows their terrifying journey, avoiding capture and worse by the Chule, who are beginning to hunt John and his friends down, the Chule are led by one they call The Controlor and another who is yet to make himself known. As John attempts to reach His family and find a place which they hope will be their salvation.

Any comments on the Blurb would be much appreciated I promise you will not hurt my feelings.

Part two.

You will be please to know that I have finished my first draft of the book. My finishing word count is 105,117.00 words.
I know you are supposed to leave it alone for two or three month before starting the second draft. Unfortunately I have found myself going to the beginning and working over the first chapter.
To take my mind of Purple I have started my next book called The Sole Man. I’m pleased to say i’m about three chapters in. The characters are starting to take over from John Valley and his friends from Purple. This has to be a good thing. All this in just over a week, it must be the blog motivating me to write, write and write some more.
Next time I will write about the software I use to write and will have more on my books, The Sole Man and Purple.
Please comment or keep sending your questions via e-mail.

Novel Ideas


Novel Ideas

To write a novel or a story is enormous undertaking for the professional or amateur writer. I am an amateur writer and this blog is me putting some sort of record to the journey. Admittedly I am starting this part the way in, I have almost finished the first draft of my novel. My current word count is 97,365.43, with about 10 to 20 thousand to the finish line. You could ask ‘how could this be a true account when I have missed the first leg of the race?

Well from what I have learnt over the past 18 months (and yes its been 18 months since i started this novel) there are few problems at this point apart from finding time to sit and write. I have never suffered from writers block if anything its more info overload. My head just overloads with story ideas, every one I meet has become a possible character in a story. I have many short and unfinished stories with no time to do anything with them until I have finished this one, I also have notes on my computer of possible story ideas, they are a plenty. So if you have trouble with these things then reading this would be of little help. But if you are all ready in the journey and fancy reading about someone in a similar position then here I am.

At this moment in time (meaning today) my main objectives are number one a blurb, because I have such difficulty telling someone about this story. When ever someone ask ‘wow a novel, whats it about?’ I start to fumble and flounder about the story as if I’m making it up on the spot, my face grows red and then I find myself trying my best to just get away from the subject as quickly as possible. Just to hand over my phone with say 200 words describing a brief synopsis could work and not make me feel like a hack.

Number two in the list of objectives is finishing the first draft. It seams I just cannot finish or find the time to finish. My weekly word count has dropped significantly since passing the 80,000 word mark. Not through lack of inspiration but through every conceivable problem with home or work, just slowing me down and the thought of going through this 100,000 word project to find all the spelling mistakes is mind bending to me.(any suggestions would be very much appreciated)

To finish this post I should tell you that my goal is to post on here as often as I can, I have been told that to tell others, motivates you into action. I would also like to say because I write does not mean I can spell. So spell checker is my best friend and I apologise for any misspellings that might happen. I will talk about my software that I write with (scrivener) and by the next post I should have a first draft of my blurb which I will post for comments. Help and advice is always welcomed.

Please comment or send me an email, just to say hi if you wish.