A Blurb a short description of a book, movie, or other product written for promotional purposes and appearing on the cover of a book or in an advertisement.
In my last post I promised that I would have the first draft of my blurb and an update on my novel Purple. As I seem to be falling into a two part blog, I will do as the last blog and break it into two.

Part one.

The blurb to my novel, I have found this hard to complete. The main reason for this is how do you pass the story on in about 200 words. Simply put you cannot, if you could then it should be a 200 word essay or flash fiction. I found that if i concentrated on the beginning say the first three or four chapters then it became less of an up hill climb. I made sure I included the main protagonist and the main antagonist. Also a sample of the conflict. Finishing with the ever so important goal. Its not finished but i do like it for a first draft.
Below is the first draft of my Blurb see what you think.

       John Vally had been at Work finishing his first successful contract in his new career as a self employed contractor.  His joy at finally being able to show his wife that he can be responsible is shattered by the invasion of a ruthless alian race, who leave there young to do all the killing. 

The event which causes the population of the united kingdom to drop by eighty percent within a few hours is the most devastating that has happened since records began.

Those who are lucky enough to be in a rural location at the time of the event are the last to be hunted.

       The Chule began attacking and killing anyone in their way.  Fortunately for John, he does live in such a rural area. In the panic to get out and find his way home and find out about his wife and son in London he is joined by mike, a man he meets in the local hardware store immediately following The attack and a young girl, Sarah, who he rescue’s from being killed by one of the “Chule.”  The story follows their terrifying journey, avoiding capture and worse by the Chule, who are beginning to hunt John and his friends down, the Chule are led by one they call The Controlor and another who is yet to make himself known. As John attempts to reach His family and find a place which they hope will be their salvation.

Any comments on the Blurb would be much appreciated I promise you will not hurt my feelings.

Part two.

You will be please to know that I have finished my first draft of the book. My finishing word count is 105,117.00 words.
I know you are supposed to leave it alone for two or three month before starting the second draft. Unfortunately I have found myself going to the beginning and working over the first chapter.
To take my mind of Purple I have started my next book called The Sole Man. I’m pleased to say i’m about three chapters in. The characters are starting to take over from John Valley and his friends from Purple. This has to be a good thing. All this in just over a week, it must be the blog motivating me to write, write and write some more.
Next time I will write about the software I use to write and will have more on my books, The Sole Man and Purple.
Please comment or keep sending your questions via e-mail.

Novel Ideas


Novel Ideas

To write a novel or a story is enormous undertaking for the professional or amateur writer. I am an amateur writer and this blog is me putting some sort of record to the journey. Admittedly I am starting this part the way in, I have almost finished the first draft of my novel. My current word count is 97,365.43, with about 10 to 20 thousand to the finish line. You could ask ‘how could this be a true account when I have missed the first leg of the race?

Well from what I have learnt over the past 18 months (and yes its been 18 months since i started this novel) there are few problems at this point apart from finding time to sit and write. I have never suffered from writers block if anything its more info overload. My head just overloads with story ideas, every one I meet has become a possible character in a story. I have many short and unfinished stories with no time to do anything with them until I have finished this one, I also have notes on my computer of possible story ideas, they are a plenty. So if you have trouble with these things then reading this would be of little help. But if you are all ready in the journey and fancy reading about someone in a similar position then here I am.

At this moment in time (meaning today) my main objectives are number one a blurb, because I have such difficulty telling someone about this story. When ever someone ask ‘wow a novel, whats it about?’ I start to fumble and flounder about the story as if I’m making it up on the spot, my face grows red and then I find myself trying my best to just get away from the subject as quickly as possible. Just to hand over my phone with say 200 words describing a brief synopsis could work and not make me feel like a hack.

Number two in the list of objectives is finishing the first draft. It seams I just cannot finish or find the time to finish. My weekly word count has dropped significantly since passing the 80,000 word mark. Not through lack of inspiration but through every conceivable problem with home or work, just slowing me down and the thought of going through this 100,000 word project to find all the spelling mistakes is mind bending to me.(any suggestions would be very much appreciated)

To finish this post I should tell you that my goal is to post on here as often as I can, I have been told that to tell others, motivates you into action. I would also like to say because I write does not mean I can spell. So spell checker is my best friend and I apologise for any misspellings that might happen. I will talk about my software that I write with (scrivener) and by the next post I should have a first draft of my blurb which I will post for comments. Help and advice is always welcomed.

Please comment or send me an email, just to say hi if you wish.

Relationships and the Facebook, Twitter revolution

Relationships and the Facebook, Twitter revolution

In my recent post Life Under Construction I talked about how life is never really finished building. Recent events in the lives of people I now illustrate that very well. The modern world with the communication tools we have today is great. (come on this is how I speak to you now) The internet and mobile technology has sent most of the world into communication overload. Where as only twenty years ago you would have only talked to an old school friend at the school reunion, Facebook and Twitter make this a daily occurrence for most people today.

There is a down side to all this, you may gasp in surprise. What with all this tech, how could there be a down side?
As always its relationships, boyfriends, girlfriends, man and wife maybe mother and son. These are relationships that have grown from a time before the Facebook, Twitter revolution. From a time before there was this option. A saying my mother still says to this day is “the grass is always greener on the other side” She would say this a lot when I was a kid growing up, looking at other kids wanting what they had, I have grown up to be a reasonably stable person and under stand that desirer is fleeting, once a goal is achieved we all move on to the next. Knowing this makes me think a bit more carefully before picking my next projects.

What has this to do with Facebook and Twitter?

I have seen things happen and normally Facebook or Twitter are involved for instance I have seen relationships fall apart because of one social network or another. Whether right or wrong these people found a new solution to there relationship problems through these mediums. Reaching out, connecting with people they would not normally discuss such maters with. (hay lets be honest dose it not cross your mind that maybe if people spoke to each other about there problems there might be more blank spaces on Facebook). Life is about stages, we move through them as we grow. Childhood and the ‘good old school days’ are really meant to stay there, in the past. Not to be revisited every day, scratching at old sparks that never grew to be a flame (There is normally a reason why they stayed as sparks in the first place). We move from school days to collage days, to marriage and then to have children of our own.
Its the marriage stage thats hard, especially when the children come along. If you can hold on, the next stage should be the best of all. Its this stage when the children have gone on there journey, that truly is for you and your partner. All the learning is finished, all the passing of experience to the next generation is done. This is when life is built and you are just applying the finishing touches to the decor.

Finally I believe if you can hold on to the one who came with you on most of this construction project we call life, then this stage is all the better for there presence. After all no one knows me like my wife.

Please Please comment, good or bad I really don’t mind.

Life Under Construction


Life Under Construction

I walked past a construction site the other day, I couldn’t help but observed the layout that had been laid for the road system and plots of land for new houses. There were raised kerbs showing the path of the road, like, well, a road map.

I used to work on construction sites and was always amazed at how organised these places are.  The sign at the entrance to the site had Under Construction written on it. As I walked home the similarities between this sign and life began to grow on me.

We all live our life in with a curtain amount of planning, weather it be a parent or a older brother or sister. who help us plan, laying down our kerbs before applying the multi layers we call experience.

At the end of this thought process I finish with a slightly changed sign post wrote upon it which is Life under Construction.

We are pushed and prodded to make our path. Eventually we take it upon ourselves to do the pushing. Building upon each layer rising into a small semi detached or if we are lucky layering until a great tall skyscraper dominating the skyline. Eventually with our layering finished we make new little bricks and become the pusher and prodder to these bricks until they start to lay there on kerbs.

So next time you see a new road or housing development think about the road your on in your life and how you got there. May be a side street is due. or it could be a highway is on the cards. Ether way, what ever road you are on just make sure its your road and what ever you do don’t forget how you got there and who were your pushers and prodders.

I apologise for taking the metaphor to maybe a new level. please leave a comment or email me.

Lets try again


Lets try again

Well hi, I know its been a while since i gave you the pleasure of my words.
The total number of days between my last blog on January 20th and today is 74 days.
This is exactly 2 months and 15 days.

Makes me wonder why, you know why have I not found time to write a few words.

Excusers: I have plenty of them. busy at work, computer hogged up by children or family ties or taxi service as i call it. Writers block an invasion of hairy monkeys intent on using me as a pawn in there rise to superiority. (wouldn’t that be more fun than real life).

I will be honest now, in my Blog How do my characters right my book? I told you about my current novel. Well I have finished the first draft. and now have set it aside for a while before beginning the first edit.

Also I have been very busy at work. (thats the day job) I do also have problems getting to my desktop computer because the kids are loving the Imac right now. Solution was to get myself a new more portable computer, such a machine as to let me travel round doing my writing as and when the urge took me. I am a very happy chappy I say one word AIR.
not sure what I mean think slim, think aluminium, think apple yep you’ve got it a Macbook Air; and its all mine, passworded with only one login name. Just me, my stories and not forgetting ACDC.

I will be telling more on the Macbook Air the more I use it, also i will be placing a post on at least one a week from now on. As for topic something I came across on a web site ‘Under construction’ this will be the title of the next post.

thank you for reading this far i have been told that the attention span of a blog surfer is limited to three chapters. I don’t believe this myself i think if you can read and write then you can manage more than three.

Please leave a comment its nice to know someone is reading

How do my characters right my book?


How do my characters right my book?

I am after all a writer (unpublished),  I say this because for some time I have felt that I do not write anything. Like the characters write themselves. I had an actual fight with one today, he wanted the story to go one way and I planned for it to go another. So what do I do? I don’t expect an answer because I all ready know, I follow the character’s wish after all it is his story.
I think its this that make’s me want to keep pounding on these keys day after day. When I started to write this book I never expected, shall we say…side effect. I thought it would be me sweating over every word, planning every chapter, but no I just write what they say and what they want to do. I follow the story and get as excited by the plot turns the same as I would if I was reading it from another author. I have heard this before but never really believed it, I thought they are being modest or something. They are not, it truly happens, I give birth to the idea and carry it through puberty lets say. When they know what they are doing it’s their game and I’m the spectator from that point on. I might change my mind as I still have many pages to write but this is my experience so far, if it changes then I will tell, I promise.
I would like to thank Mr. John Valley (lead character) and his associates for taking me on this ride and opening my eyes to their world. I have a big action scene to write tomorrow which is always exciting and a little hard with much going on. If you wish to comment or ask anything than please do.

To have a van dyke or not to have a van dyke that is the question?

To have a van dyke or not to have a van dyke that is the question?

(please not this was published december last year)
As promised here is the picture of my van dyke. Now believe me when I say, ‘I don’t love this’. What I do like is the ability it gives me to mess with my looks. You see from as long as I can remember I have always been told to take care of my appearance. My father would give me big talks in the bathroom telling me how to brush my teeth, make sure my hair was in good order before leaving the house. This is all good and no doubt you were told the same. So you might ask why I’m bring this up? well the answer to that is that I’m thirty-eight years old and I have noticed a slight thinning of my hair…my hair line migrating north leaves not much to play with these days. So I’m at, lets say a cross roads to what I choose to play with.
Here is the dilemma do I keep the van dyke? Do I do something with my hair instead? When I first decided to grow the van dyke it was because we are holding a New Year’s Eve party and its fancy dress with a cowboy theme. So I thought why not grow this, get a half decent fancy dress outfit and i will be the part. Simple you would think, the problem was not in me, it was in the way people changed round me, the way people looked at me in the street and spoke to me. I seemed to be getting more, dare I say it…respect. I mean why? Why would having a bit of hair on my face give people a different view of me. I suppose you could look at it from another point of view, maybe it is me that has changed! Maybe my approach to people has changed therefore making their response differ from it had been before the van dyke. If you would like to compare me before then here is my profile picture where I don’t have the van dyke.

I am married, so this probably will give my wife a slight say in the decision, after all it is she who will have to look at me every day.
My wife hates it, she says it make my look forty-eight and mean like nasty mean. I don’t see ether of those points but she will have much weight when it comes to making this decision on New Year’s Day. Looking at the two pictures now on this blog I kind of like the no van dyke version of my to the van dyke version. I am slightly tanned and on the beach so we all look good there or should I say we all think we look good there. Anyway if any one ever comes to my blog them please leave a comment as to which you prefer. Pro van dyke or against van dyke I will make the decision on New Year’s Day. I will post a picture then.
Have a good new year.

Hello world!

Hello world!

Hi this is my first blog which i first posted last year on blogpost. Now I have found wordpress and thought i would move all the post over here. I like the fact that i can use my web address and not So below is a picture of me and my first blog. Enjoy.
This is my profile picture and I thought I should explain why, where, and when?
  • Why?
Well, thats simple, its Steven Kings latest novel and I simply love reading Stephen King. I find he is a brilliant story teller, with situations and characters that pull you right into the story. He is without a doubt one of my favorite writers.
  • Where?
Lanzarote in the canary islands. I had a vacation there with my family this November, and yes it was 25c in the shade. We landed back in the UK to 4c, its now dropped to as low as 15c just the other night. It’s hard to believe just over one month ago I was sun bathing.
  • When?
I think I just kind of answered that, but with the risk of repeating my self we left on November the fourteenth arriving back on the twenty-first just seven days later, not enough time by far, I could have stayed one more week easy.
So thats the picture explained.
Now I have many a dilemma in my day to day life and I might just use this blog as a way of, lets say working them out. For instance van dyke or no van dyke is my current dilemma. This December I started to grow a van dyke, now you might think ‘well thats great you go for it enjoy your van dyke’ but and I mean BUT because this do’s not just involve me. I think I will leave this there today not to be spiteful but just to give me something to say tomorrow I might even include a picture of the thing as well.