How do my characters right my book?


How do my characters right my book?

I am after all a writer (unpublished),  I say this because for some time I have felt that I do not write anything. Like the characters write themselves. I had an actual fight with one today, he wanted the story to go one way and I planned for it to go another. So what do I do? I don’t expect an answer because I all ready know, I follow the character’s wish after all it is his story.
I think its this that make’s me want to keep pounding on these keys day after day. When I started to write this book I never expected, shall we say…side effect. I thought it would be me sweating over every word, planning every chapter, but no I just write what they say and what they want to do. I follow the story and get as excited by the plot turns the same as I would if I was reading it from another author. I have heard this before but never really believed it, I thought they are being modest or something. They are not, it truly happens, I give birth to the idea and carry it through puberty lets say. When they know what they are doing it’s their game and I’m the spectator from that point on. I might change my mind as I still have many pages to write but this is my experience so far, if it changes then I will tell, I promise.
I would like to thank Mr. John Valley (lead character) and his associates for taking me on this ride and opening my eyes to their world. I have a big action scene to write tomorrow which is always exciting and a little hard with much going on. If you wish to comment or ask anything than please do.

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