Lets try again


Lets try again

Well hi, I know its been a while since i gave you the pleasure of my words.
The total number of days between my last blog on January 20th and today is 74 days.
This is exactly 2 months and 15 days.

Makes me wonder why, you know why have I not found time to write a few words.

Excusers: I have plenty of them. busy at work, computer hogged up by children or family ties or taxi service as i call it. Writers block an invasion of hairy monkeys intent on using me as a pawn in there rise to superiority. (wouldn’t that be more fun than real life).

I will be honest now, in my Blog How do my characters right my book? I told you about my current novel. Well I have finished the first draft. and now have set it aside for a while before beginning the first edit.

Also I have been very busy at work. (thats the day job) I do also have problems getting to my desktop computer because the kids are loving the Imac right now. Solution was to get myself a new more portable computer, such a machine as to let me travel round doing my writing as and when the urge took me. I am a very happy chappy I say one word AIR.
not sure what I mean think slim, think aluminium, think apple yep you’ve got it a Macbook Air; and its all mine, passworded with only one login name. Just me, my stories and not forgetting ACDC.

I will be telling more on the Macbook Air the more I use it, also i will be placing a post on at least one a week from now on. As for topic something I came across on a web site ‘Under construction’ this will be the title of the next post.

thank you for reading this far i have been told that the attention span of a blog surfer is limited to three chapters. I don’t believe this myself i think if you can read and write then you can manage more than three.

Please leave a comment its nice to know someone is reading

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