Break at Butlins bognor

12:30pm Just arrived at Butlins bognor, for the first time I have been able to book in and head for a cold drink with a stake sandwich. How’s that for chill.

16:45pm finally got the bags to the apartment, kids changed out of the wet clothes after playing in the sea. I’m about to have a shower.
I do find it strange how the first day is always hot and it’s always the day you have the most to do. Like finding the room and unpacking the clothes. Enough moaning. The Forecast for the week is good, we are going to have sunshine most the week with the temperature dropping slightly toward the end. Off to have some food soon.

18:30 finished a surprisingly good meal. There own make of pie and mash. I Highly recommend this, the pie is big and full of meat and mushroom with small shallots. Very tasty indeed.


20:11 two pence pieces, you tell me how can you spend fifteen pounds with two pence pieces? I have never really been one for the slot machines or penny drop machines. On the other hand my children seem to love them. At a cost to me. My wife says its because we are not good parents and we just don’t think about the consciences Before handing out pound after pound. I think its just fun, for now.

20:40pm The boys had some tattoos see for your self below. Cool to be young.


20:45pm Candy floss memory’s


22:01pm just left Reds where there was a tribute act on called Pink, good singer and sounded a lot like Pink. Looked like her two. Both kids are in bed, I’m going to try and finish stephen kings After the Sunset before turning the lights.

Tomorrow I for see swim swim swim.

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