Butlins day two

5:15am Seagulls, are these great and beautiful creatures, gliding above our heads. Great White and grey birds of the sea. NO they are noisy little scavengers. We sat eating a lovely meal last night when one decided to land on the table next to us, it gave us a weary look and proceeded to take great big chips and nock it’s head back taking them one by one. We found this fun to watch untill it’s friends decided to join him. I say friends but they were far from friends, fighting began, the biggest won.
Then this morning they give me a wake up call at 5:15am. Needless to say not my most favourite bird.

08:03am woke up after getting back to sleep after the cacophony of seagull music. Kid have just woke, the sun is shining and we are going to have a fun time with wave machines and water slides. After breakfast of course.

12:01pm been to the pool had the waves and took my oldest son his first fast water slide. He was scared, at the grand old age of ten their are many first’s to be had. His was the space bowl, a fast flume that drops you into a big bowl Which you spin round until you slow enough to fall from the bottom into 2.6 meters of water. I went first, apparently creating a laugh for many onlookers as I splashed down. (I’m not a small man) My son did me proud, landed and swam out with no problem. He then told me he is not doing that again until he is older.

14:56pm fish and chips. A must when at a British beach. The only problem is that I’m at a British beach until Friday. That at least for lots of fish and chips in one week. I managed to work of the food today by watching the kids in some water walkers. Very good fun, must have laughed for the whole ten min’s. Pint of Guinness (a bit early even for me but heck, I’m on holiday)

19:20 I’m starting to feel like a alcoholic because I’m about to say I’m siting in a pub having a drink of Guinness. But at three o’clock I was having a drink. So to you it may seem that I have been drinking all this time. I will give you my word that I had one this afternoon and one now. We took the kids back for a siesta. Generally we have three choices of venue in the evening. Reds(not so young), Centre Stage(can have adult themes) and main stage(young children).
My youngest has gone to main stage to watch Barney. Older one is addicted to two pence machine. We are in-between them both having a drink. I love holidays they seem to get better as the years go on.

23:21pm We had some bad news regards a family member at 8:30pm. Wife is up set. Kids being kids(unaware of bad news) had a great time watching wrestling in Reds. There was two fights plus a tag match. My eldest is a confirmed wrestling fan now. They had photos with the wrestlers and the big pointy foam fingers also brought them a wrestling mask each. A good night had by them. Not due back until Friday, only with the bad news comes possibility of early end to the break. I think its a case of wait to see what tomorrow brings.
Below my eldest in his mask.


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