Day three at Butlins

7:37am Wrestling, that’s all I can say. If dreams mean anything see what you make of this, I was wearing a wrestling mask like the one my son wore in my last post. Running round the streets and slums of Rio, beneath that great wonder, Jesus Christ the saviour. I was being chased by a gang who wanted to do me harm. The reason for this escapes me. There maybe a short story in this some were who knows I’m never short of ideas.


On a more related topic, the plan today is to have a day trip to Brighton beach. I checked on the satnav and it’s about a forty min drive. We should just get there before the kids start asking the dreaded “are we there yet” over and over. If you are wondering the Seagulls were quiet or I slept heavy, ether way all smiles here.

16:47pm set off to Brighton about 10:30am and arrived 11:42am. Took a little longer than I thought it would be. Finding a parking space became desperate about half way down the sea front. We pulled into the next car park in fear of not finding one. This was a mistake for the charges were £4 first hour £8 for one to two hours and £16 two to four hours. If there wasn’t a car behind me I would have reversed before going thought the barrier.
All had a great time walking down the front, then finishing off with a. Bowl of Chinese vegetable noodles. Weather had been slow to start but very warm by 1 o’clock.
I had my picture taken with Kate Middleton (see below)


Got back to the resort, headed to the pub for my ritual afternoon pint of guinness. A young child managed to cut his face open on a play frame next to where we were siting. A little bit of a commotion then all was good again.
Back to apartment for a chill then shower and change.

23:30pm Centre stage tonight and watched Street-life a dance/singing group. They are very good, we highly enjoyed the show.
My youngest son wanted a Bubble gun. Thats a plastic gun that shoots bubbles. He had the best of times, until the bubbles ran out then he hands it to me. Nothing said just that look to say fix it. He turned and went back to whatever he was doing. I’m left with a bubble gun with no bubbles. To avoid disappointing him I will take a trip to the shop first thing.
Once again a good night had by all. This is turning into one of the best breaks we have had as a family. If it wasn’t for the sad news we had it would have been perfect.

R.I.P. Katerina.

Life certainly knows how to throw them. This week had kind of turned into a dairy blog. I’m not sure if this will continue or not. You see placing two or three notes to blog about later, seems to prevent me from writing other things. Time will tell as it always will.

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