In Bed With The Royal Wedding

Wow, is all I can say.

I can remember the street party with Charles and Diana, it was brilliant for a young child as I was at the time. If you have been reading the last few days i’v been away for a short break. My wife asked me if I wanted to watch the royal wedding on friday. My answer was “Its not really a big thing anymore, so I don’t really care either way” That was that and we left with no set plan to watch.

We came back late last night as traffic and road closures around London could have made the journey back today hectic. Hence this morning I woke, turned the tv on in the bedroom, there in 42″ of screen was the Royal Wedding. Knowing that the wife would love to watch this I went and made a pot of coffee. We then proceeded to sit in bed drink three cups of coffee, not even stoping to brush our teeth.

It was a Royal Wedding fest.

By the time Kate Middleton was meant to leave the hotel I was actually excited to see the dress. The two Princes where looking nobel and royal. In my imagination my to boys Weddings were playing out. Then I was struck by the people lining the streets of London. The excitement must have been palpable and the sense of a united interest Great. I was happy to be english today and with all the bad happening in the world today it felt good to be proud of being British.

My wife was very excited to see the evening dress only moments ago, tomorrow morning we are to see the going away dress. As for my comment “Its not really a big thing anymore” I was wrong all weddings are a big thing and the royal wedding is the biggest.

It will be interesting to see what Prince Harry will do on his  big day.

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Spelling Mistakes

This is a quick post regards my spelling. A good friend of mine informed me that he keeps finding spelling mistakes on my blog. All I can do is apologise profusely about this.
I write my blog mainly on the go using my iPhone 4 with the WordPress app. If you have read my profile you will know that my day job is a decorator, as all decorators, my hands tend to be large., my finger tips are more like stumps and far from nimble. Although the iPhone is an amazing phone, it spell checks everything you write. You may say that should solve the spelling problem. Well no not really, you see it also replaces words if you spell them wrong. It can replace it with some thing that is totally opposite to what you intended to write. When like me you get on a roll, you neglect to check back. It is actually advised not to check back especially when writing a long bit of prose, it can wreck the flow and I do agree with this.

I am what you would call a discovery writer, I start with an idea then take it from there, no plotting or character development until the story is completely finished. This way the story evolves as I write, making it very enjoyable for me to write, its pretty much like I’m reading the story as I write it.

As anybody who rights a lot will tell you reading your own words is well just that, you read what you want to read not what is there.

If I can come up with any more excusers I will promptly post them, until then I promise to work harder at finding these rough trees within my forest of words.

Any suggestion then Please comment.

Day four Butlins

9:16am Woke from the crypt about an hour ago. Within five mins I found myself trying to ma bubble solution for a bubble gun. Not going so well, might visit the shop after all.
This is the final full day of our little break so it’s going to be action packed and full on for the kids, and me. Apparently they are planing to take me on all The rides today. That includes the ones I don’t want to go on. A fathers work is never done. Is that the saying, well to me it is. (I love it really)

This is a picture I wanted to put on yesterday’s post. Its of my family, I thought you should meet them in all there glory at brighton beach.


12:31 Been swimming and very hungry now. We managed to do all the slides today, kids loved it. The wife broke her fear of slides and I didn’t get stuck in the boat. Quick shower and change then back out to play.

15:52pm Fair grounds, they just don’t agree with me. All that spinning and dropping. Up and down up and down, then round and round finishing with that sudden stop. Except the head is still moving up and down round and round. I feel funny just writing about it. I think that eating a potato with cheese and beans did not help. I did manage to keep it down and the kids had great fun in my misery. If the happy I’m happy.
Once my stomach has calmed down we headed for the bumper car, good fun. The some bright spark suggested we here a four Seater go cart. The kind you peddle round for half an hour. Both the kids in front enjoying the ride. Me and my wife in back me steering and both us peddling. Needless to say I did not think I would be doing a workout today.
We have decided to head back tonight. It’s the royal wedding tomorrow and we have to drive near London and I think there maybe problems on the roads as they have closed many for the wedding. Kids are having a big spend on the arcades, then a meal to fuel the journey home.
00:53am We have arrived home fifteen minutes ago. A smooth four hour drive, the children slept all the way. I listened to Stephen King the dark tower book 5 and a podcast called writing excusers.
I intend to keep up with the posts. Wether it will be daily we will have to see. The subject mater will be more writing orientated, my is far to boring otherwise.