Day four Butlins

9:16am Woke from the crypt about an hour ago. Within five mins I found myself trying to ma bubble solution for a bubble gun. Not going so well, might visit the shop after all.
This is the final full day of our little break so it’s going to be action packed and full on for the kids, and me. Apparently they are planing to take me on all The rides today. That includes the ones I don’t want to go on. A fathers work is never done. Is that the saying, well to me it is. (I love it really)

This is a picture I wanted to put on yesterday’s post. Its of my family, I thought you should meet them in all there glory at brighton beach.


12:31 Been swimming and very hungry now. We managed to do all the slides today, kids loved it. The wife broke her fear of slides and I didn’t get stuck in the boat. Quick shower and change then back out to play.

15:52pm Fair grounds, they just don’t agree with me. All that spinning and dropping. Up and down up and down, then round and round finishing with that sudden stop. Except the head is still moving up and down round and round. I feel funny just writing about it. I think that eating a potato with cheese and beans did not help. I did manage to keep it down and the kids had great fun in my misery. If the happy I’m happy.
Once my stomach has calmed down we headed for the bumper car, good fun. The some bright spark suggested we here a four Seater go cart. The kind you peddle round for half an hour. Both the kids in front enjoying the ride. Me and my wife in back me steering and both us peddling. Needless to say I did not think I would be doing a workout today.
We have decided to head back tonight. It’s the royal wedding tomorrow and we have to drive near London and I think there maybe problems on the roads as they have closed many for the wedding. Kids are having a big spend on the arcades, then a meal to fuel the journey home.
00:53am We have arrived home fifteen minutes ago. A smooth four hour drive, the children slept all the way. I listened to Stephen King the dark tower book 5 and a podcast called writing excusers.
I intend to keep up with the posts. Wether it will be daily we will have to see. The subject mater will be more writing orientated, my is far to boring otherwise.

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