Diet or Not

I have been away for a break as anyone who has read my recent posts would know. Back home now and upon reflection of the last week have come to a realisation that everybody probably has after a bit of indulgence.

I’v Put some Weight On

So how do I lose it now I have put it on? This is what I think about losing weight. I have tried everything from over the counter tablets to magic tablets that I had to meet a Doctor each time before taking one. The drinks now there just silly or you do is starve yourself while feeding vitamins as a supplement. Why not just have fruit for your breakfast and lunch, then at least you chew something. .

I bought Atkins and at least three other books. Why haven’t anyone written a book about not using weightloss products? Maybe because the truth doesn’t sell. The truth is people only hear what you say when it’s what they want to hear.

We can all believe something that isn’t true, tell ourselves one thing and override common sense. Like If I leave part of my big mac I will lose weight. Right! Wrong!

There is no secret to fat loss .

Diets in general are I think not good.

The only Secret to losing weight is simple. Work hard, Plenty of exercise and eat less. Oh and don’t forget a balanced diet.

( I feel that Honesty Is needed here, while writing this post my wife brought me a packet of cheese and onion crisps and a class of beer. My apologies If this makes me out an hypocrite. In my defence I had salad for my Dinner)

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