Procrastination or incubation

I’m in a dilemma, this is that I’m not, or maybe I just cannot, but I must do this first. You know if you give me some time I will.

Am I procrastinating? maybe.

In all seriousness, I am suffering from a dilemma. I have been told that when finishing you first draft of a novel you must move on to some other project. This is to give yourself distance from the characters and plot that has drilled them selves out of you brain for the last twelve months or so.
I have done this by writing the start of a new book. I have written the first three chapters and hit a wall, that wall being what comes next.
The problem started when I began to revise my first book. All I can see is where I need to take the characters into a second book.
I can see the sky. The people and most exciting of all the new characters that are beginning to pop into my head.

Every time I start to work on forth chapter of my new book that is supposed to distance me from this. I write like I’m writing for the second part of my first book.
I getting confused so you must be very confused.

My question is do I give in and start on the second book, while revising the first. Or preserver with the forth chapter of my new story?

I’m I just incubating the new story. It did start strong, then I hit the wall. I think it was that I have no idea where the story is going. It’s not that I need to know the ending, it’s just that I need a goal to aim for. That goal can move change or do what ever it wants. I just need something there to lead me.

Comment always welcome.

2 thoughts on “Procrastination or incubation

  1. we are all different! sounds like you are ready to start your 2nd part, now while it is worked out in your head. write and add as you think about it! If you come to a halt then its time to stop and do something else. One day it will come to you and more you will write. Ya gotta do what feels right to you. Be yourself, the rest will follow Great reading!! x x x x x

  2. Incubation of a piece of writing is always a good idea. From my experiences, I find the editing process of pieces that I wrote months and even years ago, very fulfilling. Mainly because I have learned so much more since the initial writing Steven. Hitting the wall with long expanses of prose, is not surprising. But i bet that when you put all the smaller segments together, that a larger piece of writing starts to form the basis of a chapter. And it really helps with the dilema of balancing showing and telling.

    Best advice is to always keep writing and don’t worry too much about what, where and when the complete book comes together. It will come in its own time. Forcing writing leads to stilted writing imo, however, having recently completed creative writing courses, I found that a deadline can help to focus the writing, especially in short stories.

    believe it or not, you are a youngster in the writing world time line!lol

    Smiling at you

    Bobby aka Tai

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