A British day trip to beach (in the rain, the true British way)

A day trip to the beach in the rain, the true British way.

As a family we all climb out of bed for the classic British day trip rain and all.

We and I mean my whole family have come away for the day to scatter my fathers ashes in the sea. We have three generations, my mother, two brothers and my sister. Also all the relevant partners and children including four grandchildren and one great grandchild a total of fifteen. My dad would have loved it, he always loved a family get together.
As we would have expected for an English bank holiday it is raining. So a soggy start and a soggy finish.

Well the ashes were scatted in the sea, on a part of the beach that I had not seen in over thirty years. Even the path we walk was a blast of memory’s from the past.

My day would bring me and my brothers and sister to Chapel St Leonards, just up the coast from skegness.
I have many happy memory’s here and look forward to making more with my children especially on the this day next year.
Rain or shine I don’t care.