The thief that is sleep

I think sleep is a stealer of moments. We take it like a drug, every day we give valuable time. Time we could spend doing productive things such as writing. I understand that we need this drug and that for me I use it. I get many ideas while in those waking moments, I have note after note describing short scenes so I don’t forget the special feel of the idea, I try to trap my memory in there. So when I read it at a later date it will hopefully spark the same.
It’s not that I think we should get rid of sleep just that we should take it in moderation.
For instance the medical profession say from the age of four or five we need a minimum of twelve hours sleep per night. This is to give our body time to build and mature as we are still growing this makes sense.
Now after eighteen we begin to mature a little slower, much of the big stuff is done and by twenty five we are done. The cake is cooked and needs no more time in the oven “except to keep warm”
So take me at thirty eight I need no more cooking time just time to warm (and think over story’s and other stuff, not all other stuff is kept to the bedroom though)
A healthy adult can quite happily survive on just four to six hours sleep so why do we all strive to achieve this eight hour minimum.

I chose to think of sleep as a drug and although it is very addictive and lovely and warm I aim to fight to get back my lost hour of life that this condition steels from me each and every day.

My wife has just said “your not going to post that are you, you have done nothing but moan about how tired you are all week”

Maybe I’m still in withdrawal. 🙂

The Modest Writers in My Family

I thought it was about time I updated everyone on my writing progress. As it stands I have a number of, shall we say projects going on. Main one being my novel currently called Purple. a 104,000 word monster of a book. (for me) After saying that it truly is the most satisfying thing I have ever done.

Also I have written many short stories and have four more novels started, more outlined. Also I’m thinking about having a go at a stage play, just need a bit more research on that one.

Purple is in its third draft and doing well on feedback so far. I’m still finding spelling mistakes and plot holes. the iron that is revisions is doing a great job of smoothing them out.

Thanks again for the emails, I must be feeling good today I’m full of thanks. I might as well thank my family members who have commented recently. some great comments and surprise’s. It seems that I have many Budding writers in my family and shows me where I get my love for writing from. my father was a published poet he also has written six children story books. I have a cousin who is an editor and a aunty who has written her own novel. My brother writes poetry that would make any man laugh and cry. My uncle has released two self biographies, you can get them on amazon called John Carter.

Recently I have found that my brother-in-law is starting a short story, another cousin has gone down the creative writing route know doubt she can teach all of us a thing or two.

I suppose I’m trying to say that we writers seem to be modest by nature, and it’s only when we begin to talk about what we do that we find out how much we all have in common.

My Sons Birthday

Happy Birthday James Glenn.


I can still remember the first second I saw James even though it is seven years since that day.
His first instinct was to feed and this has not changed to this day. Upon his arrival he began to ferret for his mothers breast. Literally within one minute he was gulping down every bit of milk that his mother had. I can remember laughing at this sheer speed that this happened. Now seven years on he stands here a boy that makes me proud to be a father.

What a wonderful thing life can be. Well I have work to do today, including a party to arrange for Saturday (well should I say my wife has arranged most of this)
Bouncy castle, trampoline, balloons and banners. Not forgetting the cake. I love this time of my life, I love the way children make me feel.

If any body ever asks you Do you want children, then my advise is go for it. They are the first thing you will want to see in the morning and the last you will wish to see at your end. They truly are what it’s all about.

Happy birthday James we will have lots of fun today, thats after your school and my work that is. (life will make it’s presence even on special days such as these)

But fun will be had today.