The thief that is sleep

I think sleep is a stealer of moments. We take it like a drug, every day we give valuable time. Time we could spend doing productive things such as writing. I understand that we need this drug and that for me I use it. I get many ideas while in those waking moments, I have note after note describing short scenes so I don’t forget the special feel of the idea, I try to trap my memory in there. So when I read it at a later date it will hopefully spark the same.
It’s not that I think we should get rid of sleep just that we should take it in moderation.
For instance the medical profession say from the age of four or five we need a minimum of twelve hours sleep per night. This is to give our body time to build and mature as we are still growing this makes sense.
Now after eighteen we begin to mature a little slower, much of the big stuff is done and by twenty five we are done. The cake is cooked and needs no more time in the oven “except to keep warm”
So take me at thirty eight I need no more cooking time just time to warm (and think over story’s and other stuff, not all other stuff is kept to the bedroom though)
A healthy adult can quite happily survive on just four to six hours sleep so why do we all strive to achieve this eight hour minimum.

I chose to think of sleep as a drug and although it is very addictive and lovely and warm I aim to fight to get back my lost hour of life that this condition steels from me each and every day.

My wife has just said “your not going to post that are you, you have done nothing but moan about how tired you are all week”

Maybe I’m still in withdrawal. 🙂

3 thoughts on “The thief that is sleep

  1. Hi Steven, an interesting perspective on sleep. However, I think sleep is very important in order to fulfil our potential in our daily lives. I have teenagers and they sleep for England! and there is a reason why, as you state here, they need it because they are still cooking, ie growing.

    For me, if I don’t get enough sleep, I am ratty mum!lol I cannot think straight for my writing or anything else. I used to sleep so easily just being mum and wife and taking care of my family and home, but after losing my life long partner,sleep evaded me and I got into the habit of writing late at night until my eyes were closing before I could retire to bed.

    Ironically, insomnia is a big problem for a great many writers that I have known over the years. One man once said to me, ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ but the truth is, if we don’t get enough sleep, we are dead in our waking heads, in my humble opinion. Then there is the dream aspect of sleep that we would miss out on. Dreaming is a very important aspect to our lives, again, imho. Dreams give us an insight into our past/present and most importantly, future lives. Enough sleep makes us alert when we are awake and produces the best results from us, for all concerned in our lives. I never begrudge sleep because it enables us to do everything we want to do and keeps us healthy and forever young in our hearts…just like love.

    Your wife is a wise woman.

    Smiling at you


    • Hi bobby, thanks for your comment I look forward to them always. Now i suppose i will have to agree with you on this, my wife is a wise woman. Also sleep is very important and you are totally right we all should embrace the time we spend doing it.
      I suppose the problem I have is that some people and mean any one over the age of twenty five. Anyone under that will need as much as they can get. And the sick need it. It’s just some times ( I’m guilty of this) we use it as an excuse to not do stuff. Like getting out of bed, why do you think that when we can stay in bed we always seem to find a way to get out, but when we have to get out we feel like we could sleep for ever.
      Maybe we just don’t like being told what to do. Also don’t you know some elderly people that always get up at a ungodly hour. Well I think it’s because they have learnt that we don’t need as much any more.

      I’m thinking I must be more careful now someone is commenting on my blogs.

      🙂 steve.

  2. Hi Steven, good to chat to you. You don’t need to be more careful as we all have our own views on life and it is good to express them. I hope I can be of some constructive help with your writing besides giving my own slant on your topics. As to not doing stuff, well that is my point, if we have enough sleep we do whatever it is better!lol if you see what I mean. If you are talking about slovenly lounger abouters, well that is a different matter. I am sure you are not one of those. The reason I am commenting on your blog, apart from the fact you are a relative and I want to get to know you better, is to offer helpful critique. I take it slowly, as a lot of writers can get offended from my experience of writing on the net this past 9 years.

    I look forward to reading you more.

    smiling at you

    ps If you and the family fancy a hol, we have plenty of room at Pamflete, and we need an experienced painter!lol x

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