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The plague village, yep that’s right a plague village, it’s called Eyam and is about five miles from Chatsworth House. Quite famous round Derbyshire, Above are some pictures from the Village. There are signs outside some of the buildings that were effected. I remember reading something about it in my youth but forgot most. That was until I started writing my new novel. A supernatural thriller in which a man moves his family to a small Derbyshire village only to find that the village has a connection with the black death and with him.

I was at work and begin telling a customer about this new novel and she in-turn tells me about Eyam. The similarity is staggering and I can only conclude that I must have drawn on my teachings from my childhood when drafting this first draft. You really don’t know how much is stuffed up there behind the eyes, i think it gets stored away, left in the hope that one day the information will be needed. I just had to take a look round, kind of get a feel for it.

The story of the village is; in the mid sixteenth century a parcel was sent from London to Eyam and the post master upon opening it released the black death on his village. Within one year over two-thirds of the villagers were dead. The vicar and the residents valiantly closed the village Borders within the first few months to contain the spread of the disease, successfully stoping the spread of the deadly virus and probably saving many lives.

A bit of info on book submissions, I sent of my query letters, plus the first three chapters of purple last monday, I have had two replays, both rejections. From what I have read it could take up to three months for the rest, so fingers crossed. NaNoWrimo is back soon, I didn’t do very well last year, only twenty five thousand words out of the fifty, I plan to smash it this year. Its amazing what can happen in one year. Last November I was all over the place with my writing, and know I feel more dare I say organised.

4 thoughts on “Eyam

    • Thanks, you know some times you don’t appreciate what’s on your own door step. I spent a week in Scotland a few weeks ago and bumped into some one who had just got back from where I live. They began telling me all about there travels, how wonderful it was. So now I’m on a mission to find out all about where I live in Derbyshire.
      I really appreciate your support thanks. Steve.

  1. This is really interesting about Eyam, Steve, and explains a lot!lol about our family historics. I enjoyed your post very much. Thanks for remembering the teachings of your past, or you may never have come up with this little article. I remember Chatsworth House as a child. I feel sure we must have been there. The house in the images you’ve posted looks quite daunting, or haunted. How the plague was spread and then contained within the village, was, as you so rightly state above, was quite a heroic act by the residents of Eyam in those 16th Century times. Whats a NaNoWrimo when its at home?

    I found one typo in this very interesting piece of writing…there is no stopping me!

    winking at you

    Cous Bobx

    • Thanks for your comment, you are right about the hall. It would be great for the setting of a spooky tale maybe. The hall has been a home to the Wright family for the last three hundred years or so. Built sometime in the 17th century.

      Chatsworth house is brill when you come up to the midlands again take a trip there, have a picnic or if you like a good walk there are many miles of animal filled fields. I had to stop for five or six dear running across the round. A great sight.

      As for nanowrimo take a trip over to http://www.nanowrimo.org

      I will make a short post later with some info on my nanowrimo last year.

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