National novel-writing month or as it is so fondly known NaNoWrimo.

One of the hardest obstacles a writer will face is not the spelling or the grammar or even the prose. It’s the ability to finish a lengthy piece of work. To cover an essay or a short story maybe even an article for a local paper Is very admirable and worth praise. The poems and sonnets that are injected to Facebook and poem hunter on a daily basis are beyond me and I hold my hands up and say I’m no poet. But to compleat a hundred thousand plus word novel is like a marathon of the mind. It takes sacrifice and dedication, and a belief in ones self that this story is worth writing down.

NaNoWrimo is a competition that is held every November across the globe. The premise is simple write fifty thousand words with in the month of November. No stopping for spell checking, prose or composition. Just get the story on the page as fast as you can. Then in December, January, February and so on you can fix any issues.
I love this as it tuck me over a year to write my first draft of my first novel purple. In taking so long to write you inherit continuity problems as well as character changes. Basically over a year my ability as a writer improved as did my writing. Sounds good and yes how could that not be. But it also made the rewrite more arduous, it’s hard to rewrite your voice. If I could have written it within says three months then it would have been more stable and I know this from things I have written since. They start and finish with the same voice.
So give it a go, fifty thousand words in one month. It’s great fun and if you sign up to the website there are many other writers willing to push you everyday. I will be there.