Wow nanowrimo Hell

It’s been 22 days since my last post (sound like a confession [maybe it is] but I assure you it’s not) and it’s not for negligence but for the great nanowrimo. I am not doing to well in this front. And I say front because it sometime feels like a battle. A battle of will power and the over wheeling feeling that the world dose not want me to compleat the 50 thousand words. I have been reading Stephen kings new novel and this involve time travel the main protagonist has gone back in time to compleat an action to change the present. I won’t go into it incase you wish to read it but I don’t think I’m giving to much away here. During this he feels that time it’s self is in a not so direst way trying to stop him from completing his task.
I feel the same last year it was the same I told every body that I’m spending the month of November writing and will be out of action. No night visits no house repairs and no disturbances between 7 and 9 pm. So what happens the bed breaks I seen to be working late every night and I have no chance at all of siting in my office chair until after nine by which time I’m so tied I could fall asleep there and then.
My word count is about 14,000 or so and I have 36,000 to go in the next 7 days. By my maths that’s 5,143 per day . With a smile I say I don think I she’ll compleat this year but ( time to be positive) I have learnt a lot, firstly in which tense to write i.e. first. And how to commit one project at a time. Spread your self too thin and your no good to anyone.

One thought on “Wow nanowrimo Hell

  1. I felt better today after reading your blog post on NaNoWriMo because I am in the same boat; pressures, obligations, and distractions seem to have an insidious knack for creeping into our lives when we are trying to write, and during NaNo in particular. Although I won’t complete my NaNo project this year – I’ll finish up with about half – 25,000 words – I am happy knowing that I wrote half a novel in a month, and that I can finish it up in the next couple of months. And I will try again next year. Your word count of 14,000 is impressive and just think, that’s 14,000 words you have as a headstart as you continue writing your tale. Best wishes, and let’s keep plugging away – we’ll both reach our 50,000 even if it is not within one month.

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