They have found a new world

Yes it’s true they have found a new planet that seems to be a lot like earth.
I woke this morning to the news that a world orbiting a sun like ours in an orbital position similar to ours. It may even have water and oceans.
It would take us over seventeen million year to get there(so no quick trip) and its two and a half times bigger than the earth. (wouldn’t that make the gravity greater than ours, so if there be Aliens they will be big and strong aaaaah. Sorry getting carried away)
Fun aside this is always good stuff but it alway amazes me how little news coverage this kind of stuff gets. People are so de-sensitised by the movies that I think it would take an alien space ship to land and even then it would be on page two after the split up of some A list stars.
Recently there has been a lunch to mars and soon there will be a new telescope up in orbit to replace Hubble. But no one I speak too knows anything about it. The media priorities have definitely changed since I was a boy sitting in my school classroom watching the space shuttle take off in the eighties. Cool days.

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