The End Is Nigh

I watched a TV program this morning and one of the points made, was that of the sun exploding and destroying the earth. Thus killing us all.

It got me thinking that if we KNOW this will happen to the human race, then should we not be making concrete plans to find other places in the universe, and go there. (The story of Noah comes to mind. The only difference is that we maybe capable of avoiding our demise.)

They say that ninety nine percent of creatures that have existed on earth are extinct. So are we being premature to begin planning so we don’t go by the way of a swollen sun.

I must be clear that the sun will not take us for about another 5 billion years. So we do have time on our side.

May I offer this for thought, that we should maybe eradicate starvation and human suffering before reaching for the stars. Can a race expect to survive on other worlds when it still cannot fix such fundamental problems such as these. I’m no fundamentalist and I except the role of nature and evolution in our lives. Its just sometimes I watch the news and see things happen in the world, that make no sense to the evolution of our species.

There is a miss interpretation of the mayan calendar, that all ends december 2012.

A phrase comes to mind, ‘everything that begins, must end’  so the calendar could not run for all time and they who made it had to make a point to stop it somewhere.

3 thoughts on “The End Is Nigh

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  2. And then you leave science (and reason) behind when you enter the realm of the doomsday prophets. Apparently there’s folks out there to whom God speaks directly. They claim the end is upon us NOW. I guess God speaks directly only to prophets and presidential candidates. I didn’t get the memo. Regardless, I prefer the 5 billion-year scenario. By then, my atoms will have dispersed enough that I won’t care.

    • Thanks for the comment, who knows where your atoms will have dispersed. 5 billion-years is enough time for bits of you to become almost anything on earth. You can even take this further and say the aliments that make you up, were born from a sun in the last moments of its life. Then in 5 billion-years you will return.

      We are truly eternal.

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