A day of snow

I think this is the first snow we have had since November 2010. At least its the first that could be sledged on. I thought I would post a few pictures of my snow day. We in the Glenn household  do take our snow days seriously. They come few and far between, so we enjoy it when we can.

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A great time had, except for the snow forever making its way up my leg. We also decided  to make a snowman, enjoy the pictures.

Also as for my short story being available on kindle. It went live this morning. If you like it or hate it let me know. A writers learns from feedback.

Click this link and give the story a try for free, Destiny’s Crossing

2 thoughts on “A day of snow

  1. Wow! Looooooooook at that Snow! I am sooooooooo jealous, Steve!! My boys would go nuts for it (well one of them would!) It hasn’t snowed here since 2006 but when it did I happened to have a couple of pairs of ski’s and a pair of boots that I had bought for a quid at a local auction and my then 11 year old when cross country ski-ing for the weekend in the village!lol all the kids were clambering to have a go…I love your snowman too! He’s got real character!lol perhaps you could use him in a story? hehe…Great photos, especially the sledging!!!lol smiling at you all.

    cous bobx

    • We love the snow. And always take advantage of it. Unfortunately ted the cowboy snowman has been decapitated, we are not sure how. I’m hoping if weather permits, I will be able to make him a new good looking head. Tomorrow.
      Sleep well, Steve.

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