Gadget show live 2012

Last week I went with a friend to the The Gadget show Live. Held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham the show stretches over four days; we went to one of them days. All the big names were there such as Sony, Canon and many other household brands. They treated us to all that’s new from the up coming catalogues. Among these there are many smaller companies bringing forth an enormous amount of cool and some strange gadgets. If you are gadget minded and love to see what’s new and innovative in the world today, then this event is a must. I enjoy this each and every year, this year being no exception. I can honestly say this was the best so far. With more companies than ever before and a great stage show, making the day a very memorable one.

The new show that starts tomorrow night on channel five has a worlds first 360 degree trailer, you can move around the studio with an iPhone while the presenter shows you what’s coming up in the new show. Watch the world’s first 360 degree TV promo

I was very lucky to meet two of the presenters when we first arrived at the NEC. As the doors opened me and martin (a friend of mine) decided to go grab a coffee while the queues were small at Costa Coffee. It seemed that two of the presenters had the same idea. Below are the pictures that followed. Jason Bradbury and Pollyanna Woodward are the two who will be travailing the globe in search of new tech this coming show.

As always there is bad tech at these show. Some of the smaller demo stands have great ideas but the quality can suffer. There was an iPhone gadget that let you video your self from about a meter away. It worked on a telescopic pole. It had many attachments for all the many cameras and light designs out there. A good idea in principle, the only problem was it seemed badly put together. Martin managed to pull off the end that holds the iPhone, he did this with little effort. Shame.

On a plus note there was plenty to impress. The biggest impression made on me was by a company that have spent about eleven years developing an attachment that you place on your camera or iPhone in this case. It enables you to take flawless 360-degree photos. All in one shot, no stitching together of multiple images. It even lets you video while walking forward, filming all round you. Check this out, its called Bubblepix and their site is at

Finely on this longer than normal post is the show its self. They have truly out done themselves this year, with a bigger and brighter show full of great performances and cool tech. It was good fun to watch and as always be a part of. Below I have put together a short video that my friend took on his camera. I have posted it on my you tube account, so take a look. I must worn you there is lots of dancers and gadgets alike.

Click here to watch the video.

All the pictures in this post where took buy Martin Faulkner whose skills as a photographer far exceed my own. You can see more of his work at his web site

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