Higgs Boson / God Particle, they found it.


Today is a big day in the world of science for the big brainy guys at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have claimed the discovery of a new particle consistent with the Higgs boson. if you are unfamiliar with this particle here is a brief summary. We start with the atom, which is made up of a Nucleus with electrons orbiting around it. Inside the nucleus are protons and neutrons which are incredible small and inside them are the quarks which are very very small particles. Giving these tiny particles mass is what has been discover today and it is called the higgs boson. As particles travel through space they pass through whats called the higgs field and this field slows then, you cannot see the higgs field but you can see what it does, thus giving the particles mass. 

If I understand it correctly its like the glue of the universe, without it we would all fall apart. the scientist are saying this will bring around a new understanding because it confirms there theories. Which is all kind of cool. especially for sci-fi geeks like myself. 

Genre Writing

Some writers only write science fiction novels, others romance and poems. Some only write non-fiction such as technical manuals on boats and cars. Some focus only on one genre and others on many.I think that when starting out like myself, we can get drawn into writing only what we know. But I believe we grow through what we write. We explore our selves while learning about others, discovering how people think. Interact with many and ask questions to even more. I know this is true because I’m like a child when first meeting someone with a different take on life. I just cannot stop asking questions.

So when it comes to genres, well I want to try them all. So far I have wrote a science fiction novel and a supernatural thriller. I am working on a crime thriller now. I have enjoyed writing every one and hope to write many more. With the books making the rounds i.e. The Shades of Grey Trilogy, I’m thinking of having a go at romance. As I see it, I’m just widening my writing horizons every time I write in a different genre. So lets not pigeon hole ourselves and write free.