Genre Writing

Some writers only write science fiction novels, others romance and poems. Some only write non-fiction such as technical manuals on boats and cars. Some focus only on one genre and others on many.I think that when starting out like myself, we can get drawn into writing only what we know. But I believe we grow through what we write. We explore our selves while learning about others, discovering how people think. Interact with many and ask questions to even more. I know this is true because I’m like a child when first meeting someone with a different take on life. I just cannot stop asking questions.

So when it comes to genres, well I want to try them all. So far I have wrote a science fiction novel and a supernatural thriller. I am working on a crime thriller now. I have enjoyed writing every one and hope to write many more. With the books making the rounds i.e. The Shades of Grey Trilogy, I’m thinking of having a go at romance. As I see it, I’m just widening my writing horizons every time I write in a different genre. So lets not pigeon hole ourselves and write free.

6 thoughts on “Genre Writing

  1. Hi Steve, its very true that a lot of writers tend to stick to one genre of writing. I think it comes in the development of their individual style, as they progress from new writers. And also it depends on the individual writer. I for one, am an eclectic sort of personality, and it reflects in my writing. I started out writing none fiction articles on subjects that inspired me. Issues I wanted to change for the better, etc etc. Then poetry hit me, as a tragedy hit my life, and poetry has flowed ever since. These days, having completed a couple of creative writing courses, I found that crime fiction tended to pour more easily from my pen, but I doubt I could set out to write a specific crime fiction novel, piecing it together before the writes, so to speak, it just comes naturally or not. Funnily enough, I was chatting to my son about writing, only today. He asked me if I ever thought of writing childrens literature. And my instant response was, I don’t think I would be very good at it. It is a specialised genre. Or so they advocate on the writing courses. I told him that his great uncle Keith wrote some childrens stories. He seems to find it came naturally to him, or so he told me, some years ago. I think it is good to keep an open mind when writing, and don’t limit yourself to any particular genre, especially when starting out. Ya never know what you may discover along the way to that first block buster! lol smiling at you, cus bobx

    • Being bored with your writing is not a good place to be as a writer. I think sometimes we have to make our own inspiration and switching genre can make the writing experiance new again. Maybe I will settle down to a set genre one day, but for now I’m enjoying the challengers switching brings.

  2. Hi Steve. Great post. I’ve played around with several different genres – romance, sci-fi and a mixture of the two, but my love as a reader is all things crime thriller, so having learnt through the experience of writing in a few genres, that’s where I’m focusing all my energies now. Happy Writing 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for the comment. It’s funny that you have moved toward crime thriller, writing the crime thriller I’m on now has had me hooked far more than the other genre I have written before. The planning and twists in the plot that are developing are very exciting.

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