As the apple fell

I came across a blog that has a weekly prompt for writers. All you have to do is keep within 100 words.
I thought that’s intresting and gave it a go. The prompt was ‘As the Apple fell.’ I tried to submit it to the site but all submissions are now closed.
It would be a shame to wast it so please find below a very very short story.


As the Apple fell, I mean thats all it took just one moment. I moved, she moved. Her hand brushed mine as we moved to catch it. Our eyes met over the Granny Smiths. Her’s green, mine steel Blue.

‘Wow your fast.’ I said as her long dark hair was falling back into place.

‘No problem, I just kind of reacted.’

She placed the apple in my hand and held it there. I placed my hand on hers.

She caressed mine with her thumb.

‘Would you like to go for a coffee? or some fruit maybe?’ I asked.

All this because the Apple fell.

2 thoughts on “As the apple fell

  1. Hi Steve! That was a good prompt exercise in going with the flow of free form writing.. Very romantic work. I enjoyed reading it, and I bet your Eve, loves it. You’re becoming a romantic writer of the 21st century. I liked the exercise so much, I decided to have a go myself….I have two versions….free flowing (unedited) and edited version. Will forward them, if you fancy a peek. I love how your writing has moved into all sorts of challenging areas. smiling at you, cous bobx


  2. I would love to have a drink with you she said, then dragged out the word “but”, like she had suddenly gone into slow motion. There is always a but i said, she laughed, more like a teenage giggle really from a naughty school girl who had just been asked if she would go out with the school bully by her best mate. You see she said i am meeting my karate, teacher, Adam, Adam Zapple do you know him ? He certainly did, he knew him very well indeed. He is his sister eves farther.

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