Candy Crush, Why?


Come on its jelly beans and candy bars made in the never never.
Its a hugely popular game, on Facebook and Most phones. Challenging and rewarding to play. On the surface, it does its job perfectly, but when you start to dig a little deeper, it is clear that the game is not so much a game but a game that will slowly drain you of your well earned money.
Ranking as one of the top sell free games. It sucks you in with its cute graphics and It’s got a very addictive gameplay. The farther you progress the more they want to take from you, and that is time not just money. People are spending hours each day playing a game that is unsociable and is killing off the art of conversation. Where I spend my day I see eighty percent of the people round me playing it on their hand held device.

The worst part is when you first play the game, you won’t notice that you’re being sucked in, not right away anyway. You’ll win the first few levels, getting a taste and having a good time. But then you will hit a wall. You will fail. And then you run out of lives. If you want to continue playing, you have to wait awhile for the lives to regenerate or pay real money for more lives. Oh you can always ask your Facebook friends to gift them to you.

My advice, that’s if you wish to take it. Is pick up a book and read something that will improve your life.

Come on. Melt my heart.


What can truly melt your heart?

I mean we all go awww when we see a puppy dog fall over and look back with them big brown eyes. Or when someone posts a really lovely comment on Facebook or twitter to a friend or relative in need. But I think the one thing that really makes your heart melt is when a child makes a selfless gesture. I have two boys one aged twelve and the other eight. They fight and bicker like any other brothers but every now and then they have a moment. When one will show humility and a kindness that should not be in one so young. These moments make me smile and make my heart melt.

Do you have any moments of heart melting quality?

Why You Should Never Get On The Wrong Side Of A Writer


Get on the wrong side is a bit PC. “Piss me off.” Could be better or maybe “Anger me.” Which ever you want to pick is fine with me. Its just, I suppose I should warn you.  If you’ve done me wrong recently, this is aimed at you. (evil smile)

Take some popular singers, they like to ring the people that crossed them out to dry. Banging out a hit song with half meanings that are obvious to the world. It doesn’t take a genius to work out who they are singing about. But what about the people that cross a writer in a negative way.

I take my inspiration from the people I know and love. I also take inspiration from people at large. It could be at work, at play or just two people walking hand in hand down the street. The way they hold hands. The way they walk and talk. It all becomes very relevant when making new characters for a book. You see…. it all comes together in the back of my mind… and then people are born. Life like and full of what ever character traits I desirer. If your on a writers good side then you may end up being a leading hero with women (or man) and money, saving the human race from a devastating end.

Everyone has that special something, that something that makes them different from the people round them. And it’s that which makes characters jump right of the page and spring into life. Its that something that I want.

Now if your in a writers bad books, well lets say most of my villains die. They can have very painful and gruesome ends.  I’m just saying, maybe all those characters in all the books of the world wouldn’t have died so violently. Not if the people the writer was thinking of when they wrote them had not made them angry.

In the end ask yourself this question, If you opened a book and found your self in there, do you want to be a good guy or a bad guy?

Lets just say, the way I’m feeling right now…well, I wouldn’t be too surprised if a character in my newest novel happens to be overweight, short, selfish, and full of lies….and dies tragically as they are ran over by a lawn mower. Repeatedly.

Revenge is sweet.  Even if it’s only in my mind.