Come on. Melt my heart.


What can truly melt your heart?

I mean we all go awww when we see a puppy dog fall over and look back with them big brown eyes. Or when someone posts a really lovely comment on Facebook or twitter to a friend or relative in need. But I think the one thing that really makes your heart melt is when a child makes a selfless gesture. I have two boys one aged twelve and the other eight. They fight and bicker like any other brothers but every now and then they have a moment. When one will show humility and a kindness that should not be in one so young. These moments make me smile and make my heart melt.

Do you have any moments of heart melting quality?

One thought on “Come on. Melt my heart.

  1. As a child I was often told by Nanna that I was too soft for this world, Steven! She was probably right, but for me, the point is, for a heart to melt, it has first to be encased in Ice, or hardened, I suppose I am lucky to not be like that, but we feel pain easily and that’s the drawback. I can’t see you as a hard hearted soul, either! . To me, you have a warm heart to start with, and i would say your son’s probably follow in your foot steps….Yes! boys will be boys, having three myself, I have seen the rough and tumble….metaphorical melting moments within families are the icing on the cake of being a parent and having close family bonds. My heart melts when my son’s get together and can enjoy each others company without bickering, just having a laugh together….its such a blessing to be a part of such an easy and relaxing family. smiling at you, wishing I could think of something better to offer! x

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