Is there such a thing as Writers Block? or have I just lost my way?

Its been a while since I have posted anything here or else where for that mater. And I’m thinking Why? Left with the question. Why have I stopped again? Could it be home pressures or work pressures? but I’m not sure that either are responsible.I do have a suspicion that I may need to move onto something new. I’ve been working on old works for so long now that I may not have wrote a new story for well over a year. The old is not very exciting anymore. They were once the best of me but now I see problems on every page.
I suppose the question I am really asking is do I battle on? Finish the old. Or do I start a fresh? Maybe write something new or write something I have never done before. The latter sounds exciting, while the former not so. But the old stories still have a hold on me because I don’t want to fail. In everything i have read about writing they say you should push through. But then I read other authors who say they have left a project for many years just to come back and finish it in a blaze of writing magic.

I do have to admit that I have been working shifts for the past three years and this has had an effect on my productive writing. When I started the shifts I thought that a night shift would be great for the creative process. Only this was the complete opposite for me. I seem to have gradually slowed down writing then eventually I stopped.

I have, as of last month left that job, hence Im writing my first blog post In many months. In hope this is the begining of many. 
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