Public transport. 

This is the first time I have taken public transport in over 15 years. That’s apart from planes and the odd trip in another Country. I left the house and my wife( pictured above) asked me, “shall we get the bus to the train station?”

If you know me you would know that I will jump into my car at the first mention of a bus or a train. But my wife reassured me that the buses and trains of today are far better than what they used to be. So with the fact that I’m taking her out for the day I thought it only fare that I do as asked.

Nottingham is our destination today. Which is about twenty miles from where we live in Derby. Our city is nice but it’s small and sometimes you just feel like bigger.

My supprise is that I’m quite happy with the buses and train. With it being a fraction of the price of alternatives like taxi cabs and the ever increasing price of parking these days, public transport wins hands down on price.  Now comfort is not left behind ether. But it is where the car or taxi will win. But do you not think that an hour traveling on a well used seat is not to much to ask considering the money saved.

For me the winner is the train it was hassle free and let me write this so that’s a plus.

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