24th June 2016 Good or Bad Day?


When I woke this morning (at 4:30am) I could not move fast enough to find out anything about the direction of the votes. Now I have to own-up to a slight knot in my stomach as I found out that we could very well be leaving the EU. Now to be clear I’m a leave voter. But the feeling that I can only say is similar to a doctors visit is only natural when change is on the horizon.

England voting to leave the European union is a shake even to a vote leaver like myself. No one can be certain of what the future holds, and thats scary.

Everyone on social media are telling of the mistake that has been made and how we have just sold our children’s futures down the river. I have even seen some post that suggests that us ‘leave votes’ are not so smart and the remain are the top of the food chain when it comes to intelligence. Others say that remain voters are just cowards and fear the unknown. This is far from the truth. To stay is more like a state of apathy. I think they just never believed it could happen and thats the mistake and thats where all the anger is coming from. Everywhere I have been over the last week I have seen leave posters and the last couple of days I saw normal people with passion standing on traffic islands holding up boards saying to leave. Motorist were beeping their horns and showing lots of support. I’ve seen no remain voters going to anything like these lengths. So arrogant maybe in there belief of their position. The fact that the country was split 52% by 48%  is a telling sign. What could have happened if they had mobilised that little bit more.

So you could say it falls to passion and how far are you willing to go for your beliefs. I’m happy with the result. I just wish we had a bigger majority, this is a step for the future and a step for stability for my children. They will see that no-one has to make do. We can if we work together and focus on a single goal. Democracy has worked, the votes counted and the people have instructed the direction this great country should go.

I look forward to the next few years, we will have hardships although not as bad as they are saying. As I right this post I’m reading that america will maintain our relationship, thats no last in the cue. I think we will see our politicians come together and forge a bright future for us all.

Patients Please.

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