Pride is something we hear people say but seldom do we see it take such a form as I saw on Boxing Day 2016.
You see we all meet up at my mums on Boxing Day, it’s like an American supper where everyone brings some food. So there is know pressure on my mum to cook. It’s just a great family get-together. Now I know this is nothing special in it’s self. You would and everyone else would have done something like this. After all it is Christmas and this is what we do. 

It’s just this Boxing Day was planned for me, my brother and sister and our retrospective children. That’s it about twelve people thirteen if you include my mother. But this didn’t happen because we had the next generation of family turn up in force. And this was brilliant. There was nieces and nephews and they are all grown up too, so they brought there children. In the end I think I counted twenty two. Ranging from under one years old to over eighty years old. It was brilliant. Sadly some people couldn’t be with us but were missed greatly.  
Now when pride made an appearance was when my mother walked in to the room and every chair and table and cushion and spare square foot of floor had a body on it. And when she walked in every one of them faces turned and smiled. She said in a soft voice.
 ‘this is all because of me’ 
That’s it, that’s all. She said and some didn’t even hear her, but I did. And the expression on her face was of pride and disbelief at the shear accomplishment of making such a thing happen.  

I saw pride in her eyes, which In turn made me proud of her. 

I love you mum and thank you for making me possible. I really do owe you everything.