About Me

Steven Glenn

About Me

Foremost, I like to think of myself as a writer of fiction, of course I’m a father and husband to my family. I have worked in many jobs within the building trade, always falling back to decorating. I served my apprenticeship and have been a time served decorator for the last fifteen years, running my own business for most of them years. Writing fiction is what I love to do, the problem is my day job and family commitments stop this from moving to let’s say day time hours. I’m a night time writer; therefore I cannot help but question the quality. On the odd occasion when I write in the day, I can see defined improvement in the quality. (I think I’m falling into the skills of moaning so let’s bring it up a shade or two) I’m a happily married man with two children and a great hobby. Lets leave it at that for now.


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