Public transport. 

This is the first time I have taken public transport in over 15 years. That’s apart from planes and the odd trip in another Country. I left the house and my wife( pictured above) asked me, “shall we get the bus to the train station?”

If you know me you would know that I will jump into my car at the first mention of a bus or a train. But my wife reassured me that the buses and trains of today are far better than what they used to be. So with the fact that I’m taking her out for the day I thought it only fare that I do as asked.

Nottingham is our destination today. Which is about twenty miles from where we live in Derby. Our city is nice but it’s small and sometimes you just feel like bigger.

My supprise is that I’m quite happy with the buses and train. With it being a fraction of the price of alternatives like taxi cabs and the ever increasing price of parking these days, public transport wins hands down on price.  Now comfort is not left behind ether. But it is where the car or taxi will win. But do you not think that an hour traveling on a well used seat is not to much to ask considering the money saved.

For me the winner is the train it was hassle free and let me write this so that’s a plus.

Is there such a thing as Writers Block? or have I just lost my way?

Its been a while since I have posted anything here or else where for that mater. And I’m thinking Why? Left with the question. Why have I stopped again? Could it be home pressures or work pressures? but I’m not sure that either are responsible.I do have a suspicion that I may need to move onto something new. I’ve been working on old works for so long now that I may not have wrote a new story for well over a year. The old is not very exciting anymore. They were once the best of me but now I see problems on every page.
I suppose the question I am really asking is do I battle on? Finish the old. Or do I start a fresh? Maybe write something new or write something I have never done before. The latter sounds exciting, while the former not so. But the old stories still have a hold on me because I don’t want to fail. In everything i have read about writing they say you should push through. But then I read other authors who say they have left a project for many years just to come back and finish it in a blaze of writing magic.

I do have to admit that I have been working shifts for the past three years and this has had an effect on my productive writing. When I started the shifts I thought that a night shift would be great for the creative process. Only this was the complete opposite for me. I seem to have gradually slowed down writing then eventually I stopped.

I have, as of last month left that job, hence Im writing my first blog post In many months. In hope this is the begining of many. 
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“I’m not a number, I have a name!”


Thanks again to all the great blog readers of the world. I’m overwhelmed at the response you are giving this Blog. I appreciate all the follows, likes and comments, thanks guys.

Have you ever thought about this statement? “I’m not a number, I have a name” A name not a number, what’s the difference? A number is a designation. So what is a name if not a designation. I recently sat in a hospital waiting area with someone who means the world to me. I there in support of that person and I’m people watching. (we all do it you know.) I find as a writer I people watch all the time. You could call me nosey, I call myself interested in others. 
What I have observed today is even when people have been sitting in one chair for anything up-to two hours they still stand to attention when there name is called. There name is personal to them, it defines them to people that know them. It provides a designation to people that don’t. So weather your a number or a name, just remember you’re defined by you and the people who know and love you, not by what people call you.

Remember Enjoy! And Please, Please comment.

A brick

This is a poem my brother wrote, I like it and thought I would share it.

Your can find much more of his work at- Kevin glenn


A brick on it’s own is such a plain thing
Sat on the floor there’s nothing to be seen
But put them together and there’s a lot to achieve
The things we can build with such a plain thing

The houses we live in, the school down the road
the castles we’ve seen, the church down the lane
The bridges we cross are such amazing things
To see what we can build with such a plain thing

So next time your filling the skip on your drive
Tossing in bricks over the side
Just think what could be, if they could survive
As this plain little brick reaches the end of it’s life

By Kevin Glenn

As the apple fell

I came across a blog that has a weekly prompt for writers. All you have to do is keep within 100 words.
I thought that’s intresting and gave it a go. The prompt was ‘As the Apple fell.’ I tried to submit it to the site but all submissions are now closed.
It would be a shame to wast it so please find below a very very short story.


As the Apple fell, I mean thats all it took just one moment. I moved, she moved. Her hand brushed mine as we moved to catch it. Our eyes met over the Granny Smiths. Her’s green, mine steel Blue.

‘Wow your fast.’ I said as her long dark hair was falling back into place.

‘No problem, I just kind of reacted.’

She placed the apple in my hand and held it there. I placed my hand on hers.

She caressed mine with her thumb.

‘Would you like to go for a coffee? or some fruit maybe?’ I asked.

All this because the Apple fell.

Higgs Boson / God Particle, they found it.


Today is a big day in the world of science for the big brainy guys at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have claimed the discovery of a new particle consistent with the Higgs boson. if you are unfamiliar with this particle here is a brief summary. We start with the atom, which is made up of a Nucleus with electrons orbiting around it. Inside the nucleus are protons and neutrons which are incredible small and inside them are the quarks which are very very small particles. Giving these tiny particles mass is what has been discover today and it is called the higgs boson. As particles travel through space they pass through whats called the higgs field and this field slows then, you cannot see the higgs field but you can see what it does, thus giving the particles mass. 

If I understand it correctly its like the glue of the universe, without it we would all fall apart. the scientist are saying this will bring around a new understanding because it confirms there theories. Which is all kind of cool. especially for sci-fi geeks like myself. 

Black friday is here :-)

Yes we have all been waiting for this day 365 days apart black Friday da da daaaa.
But I’m afraid that as last year I’m left disappointed yet again this year. It’s Apple and I don’t mean the enable kind. Black Friday is the only day of the year that you can get a deal on any Apple product. I learnt this the hard way by buying my 27″ iMac a few weeks before black Friday (this was two years ago) and missed out on at least two hundred pounds in savings. So like a good boy I waited last year to but my wife an iPad only to find that iPads were not part of the the apple sales last year. Guess what I want this year an Apple tv and yes you would be correct to presume that it is not part of the sale this year. (neither is the iPad) macbook pro, MacBook air, and iMacs are, also track pads and time machines. But no Apple tv, I am English and being so means that like last year I will just go and pay full price in defiance of sales every where. Ha ha ha I have the last laugh.

Or do I me think not.