As the apple fell

I came across a blog that has a weekly prompt for writers. All you have to do is keep within 100 words.
I thought that’s intresting and gave it a go. The prompt was ‘As the Apple fell.’ I tried to submit it to the site but all submissions are now closed.
It would be a shame to wast it so please find below a very very short story.


As the Apple fell, I mean thats all it took just one moment. I moved, she moved. Her hand brushed mine as we moved to catch it. Our eyes met over the Granny Smiths. Her’s green, mine steel Blue.

‘Wow your fast.’ I said as her long dark hair was falling back into place.

‘No problem, I just kind of reacted.’

She placed the apple in my hand and held it there. I placed my hand on hers.

She caressed mine with her thumb.

‘Would you like to go for a coffee? or some fruit maybe?’ I asked.

All this because the Apple fell.

Black friday is here :-)

Yes we have all been waiting for this day 365 days apart black Friday da da daaaa.
But I’m afraid that as last year I’m left disappointed yet again this year. It’s Apple and I don’t mean the enable kind. Black Friday is the only day of the year that you can get a deal on any Apple product. I learnt this the hard way by buying my 27″ iMac a few weeks before black Friday (this was two years ago) and missed out on at least two hundred pounds in savings. So like a good boy I waited last year to but my wife an iPad only to find that iPads were not part of the the apple sales last year. Guess what I want this year an Apple tv and yes you would be correct to presume that it is not part of the sale this year. (neither is the iPad) macbook pro, MacBook air, and iMacs are, also track pads and time machines. But no Apple tv, I am English and being so means that like last year I will just go and pay full price in defiance of sales every where. Ha ha ha I have the last laugh.

Or do I me think not.