Christmas cheer

snowman holding a box

snowman holding a box

Well Christmas is finely here and never mind the goose I’m already getting fat.
What a great time of year this is. That’s if you can avoid the hype and take it for what it is. And that is a time for greeting and meeting and making merry. Catch up with family, friends and the odd stranger.

I met two polish guys yesterday, they came to buy my old car. They were hooded and spoke broken English like they just stepped out of a modern day thriller. It took one look at my Christmas decorations and hopefully a smile in my face to bring the conversation away from cars and clutches, brake pipes and bushes to the merry Christmases we had when we were young. They told me of twelve course dinners that they had to endure and fish not turkey as the main on their special day of days.
So meet and greet and be kind while remembering that a smile and a little sharing can change a novel book villain to really nice guys. Merry Christmas to all and I will blog again soon.

A Christmas play

I have two children and they are both boys. This year is the first year that they are both in the same school and playing in separate plays.

My oldest son is playing a solder from world war one, the play is called Silent Night, Holy Night. He reinacted through dance the game of football played by opposing sides on that famous Christmas eve in nineteen fourteen. For a group of ten year olds I have to say it was a very
Moving and special performance. It left me feeling good about the human spirit at such times.


My younger son is dancing in the Nut Cracker, I’m forever impressed and so proud of my children.

I was one of the three kings in the christmas plays when I was young. Now a days it’s a historic point of history by my oldest and one of the most successful plays of all time by my youngest. Who says the world has not moved on for the better. In my house my children are surpassing me at the ages of ten and seven.