Odyssey, the Fantasy Writing Workshop

Odyssey, the Fantasy Writing Workshop.

ODYSSEY - The Fantasy Writing Workshop

I came across this web site a few weeks ago, I have found it very helpful. Especially the pod casts, download them and get some very valuable advice from some of the best authors around. The podcast include talks from Publishers, Agents, and Authors.

If you find the site helpful let me know.

Life Under Construction


Life Under Construction

I walked past a construction site the other day, I couldn’t help but observed the layout that had been laid for the road system and plots of land for new houses. There were raised kerbs showing the path of the road, like, well, a road map.

I used to work on construction sites and was always amazed at how organised these places are.  The sign at the entrance to the site had Under Construction written on it. As I walked home the similarities between this sign and life began to grow on me.

We all live our life in with a curtain amount of planning, weather it be a parent or a older brother or sister. who help us plan, laying down our kerbs before applying the multi layers we call experience.

At the end of this thought process I finish with a slightly changed sign post wrote upon it which is Life under Construction.

We are pushed and prodded to make our path. Eventually we take it upon ourselves to do the pushing. Building upon each layer rising into a small semi detached or if we are lucky layering until a great tall skyscraper dominating the skyline. Eventually with our layering finished we make new little bricks and become the pusher and prodder to these bricks until they start to lay there on kerbs.

So next time you see a new road or housing development think about the road your on in your life and how you got there. May be a side street is due. or it could be a highway is on the cards. Ether way, what ever road you are on just make sure its your road and what ever you do don’t forget how you got there and who were your pushers and prodders.

I apologise for taking the metaphor to maybe a new level. please leave a comment or email me.