Dads, fathers, papas, the old man

I have just watched a film called the beaver. It stared Mel Gibson and Jodie foster, by all accounts a very good film. I can’t help but feel that it is directed at fathers. As I am a father and recently lost my father I can say it hit a nerve. We as fathers give to support the family or should I say we try to give what is needed.
I believe my two boys are ok and happy with what I provided for them. The pressure of being a father can some times be over looked by what a mother has to deal with in there day to day. When I lost my dad I began a sole search trying to make the adjustment of loosing a parent while I’m still in my thirties.
In this day and age I expect to see my parents well into my fifths. But because of life choices I have lost my father now.
Mel Gibson in the film goes through a break down after his faith in life is lost and His ability to maintain himself is lost, so he makes a new him through a puppet called beaver. I won’t go to far into this incase you have not seen the film.
The nerve that was hit in me is how fragile our life with our families are, and how we balance work and family responsibilities. While trying keep those childhood dreams can be hard. You see as children girls can be told of family, children and the White picket fence, but us men are told of party’s, girls, money, cars and fancy jobs with lofty opportunities.
Don’t get me wrong I’m very happy with my life and the affection I have for my father. It’s just that I have noticed that I’m now filling my children with dreams of collage, university and a good life. When actually they will have to fight to keep that goal alive. I don’t want to sound like a depressive as I’m a very happy family man.
It’s been a while since I last posted and eleven thirty five at night fuelled with some very good scottish whisky called lachnagar will help. I have been away to a small scotch town called Tarland for the past week and plan to post a few notes and pictures tomorrow.
See you then.