People you just have to love them.

ImageYou know, I think I like writing because I like people. We are great, we have imagination. No other animal really has it. Our social skills are above and beyond what we need.
I am a developing writer, but my job is in quality assurance. I was a decorator for many years before this and I meet all kinds of people from the very kind, to the very selfish. From the rich, to the poor. The one thing I have learnt from my twenty odd years is that as a whole people are great to be around. Nintey nine point nine percent of them want to know you and want you to know them. It’s great, I love it and love a lot of them.
Now there is the point one percent thet are manipulative and cruel. They try to guide you through their life like there own personal toy. Let’s not be coy, we all manipulate each other, its in our nature. It’s what we do best. The problem comes when we put our self interest so far above others that we forget what is really Important. And that is community, this is why I write and why I’m doing this now. I want you to read this, not for any other reason, other than I like to talk and feel that you may be interested in what I have to say.

Back when I was decorating this point one percent of people would raise there heads in the form of picky customers. The ones that have to complane about this and that. “It’s to expensive.” “It took to long.” Or my favourite “I paid you for perfection.” when actually they nocked down the price to the point that it was not possible to compleat the job in the time they paid for. Quality cost time and as the saying goes, ‘Time is money.’
That said nearly all the people and customers I come in contact with are nice good people.
And this is why I do what I do.

Happy Wednesday people I hope it’s a good one. As I’m sure it will be for me.