Techno gremlins have found me

Yes they have found me, technology gremlins have sort me for a while now and ten days into November they found my desktop and did something to the hard drive. Now let’s remember this is ten days into nanowrimo and I was at about seventeen thousand words and on a good run. After two trips to the mac tech guys and over £200 worse off I was again at home. Only by this time It was well in to the last quarter of november.

Strike two game this Saturday just gone. I was having a glass of wine with some friends when a nasty gremlin managed to nock my foot (I mean my foot, not anyone else’s it had to be mine) into an almost empty glass of red wine and the subsequent splash of red stuff just nipped the MacBook air that was on a small table in my lounge. Instantly I switched it off and left it for many a hour only to look at a blank screen and no sound.
Well they say it comes in threes, I don’t know why it has to be three but that’s what they say. Any suggestions on how to defend myself from such gremlin threats would be much appreciated.

Not long now before the big red one comes a calling.