Candy Crush, Why?


Come on its jelly beans and candy bars made in the never never.
Its a hugely popular game, on Facebook and Most phones. Challenging and rewarding to play. On the surface, it does its job perfectly, but when you start to dig a little deeper, it is clear that the game is not so much a game but a game that will slowly drain you of your well earned money.
Ranking as one of the top sell free games. It sucks you in with its cute graphics and It’s got a very addictive gameplay. The farther you progress the more they want to take from you, and that is time not just money. People are spending hours each day playing a game that is unsociable and is killing off the art of conversation. Where I spend my day I see eighty percent of the people round me playing it on their hand held device.

The worst part is when you first play the game, you won’t notice that you’re being sucked in, not right away anyway. You’ll win the first few levels, getting a taste and having a good time. But then you will hit a wall. You will fail. And then you run out of lives. If you want to continue playing, you have to wait awhile for the lives to regenerate or pay real money for more lives. Oh you can always ask your Facebook friends to gift them to you.

My advice, that’s if you wish to take it. Is pick up a book and read something that will improve your life.