First person, third person. narrator, omniscient or limited which one?

This is one of the biggest shell we say surprises I have had since I began to write fiction. For instance when I wrote the hundred and fourteenth word and that word being ‘END’ I was not aware of the amount of work that will go into this fictional journey. I have been over the manuscript at least four maybe five times each time thinking this will be the final time. Then I find myself picking it up a few weeks later and bang it’s crap again.

Second and third draft, I would say spelling was an issue. Third draft was more more plot holes. Now I have started the next novel to this story, and I now find I have a problem with the way I wrote the point of view of the first book. I wrote first person in the first book, my narrator is third person. This I’m fine with, its the amount of each that is the problem. for instance in the first book I think I was more narrator and less first person. where in the second I’m edging the other way.

I suppose the question I’m asking is this ok considering these are different books or do I try and keep the same flow throughout all the books could this be my inexperience speaking? Could this be the show don’t tell thing? but surly you have to tell sometimes.

I may need to go have a cup of tea and sort these out, it seems my mind maybe running away again, it’s small grey and round, very wrinkled probable throbbing too, if you see it running down the road, please don’t tread on it, I need it.


Wow nanowrimo Hell

It’s been 22 days since my last post (sound like a confession [maybe it is] but I assure you it’s not) and it’s not for negligence but for the great nanowrimo. I am not doing to well in this front. And I say front because it sometime feels like a battle. A battle of will power and the over wheeling feeling that the world dose not want me to compleat the 50 thousand words. I have been reading Stephen kings new novel and this involve time travel the main protagonist has gone back in time to compleat an action to change the present. I won’t go into it incase you wish to read it but I don’t think I’m giving to much away here. During this he feels that time it’s self is in a not so direst way trying to stop him from completing his task.
I feel the same last year it was the same I told every body that I’m spending the month of November writing and will be out of action. No night visits no house repairs and no disturbances between 7 and 9 pm. So what happens the bed breaks I seen to be working late every night and I have no chance at all of siting in my office chair until after nine by which time I’m so tied I could fall asleep there and then.
My word count is about 14,000 or so and I have 36,000 to go in the next 7 days. By my maths that’s 5,143 per day . With a smile I say I don think I she’ll compleat this year but ( time to be positive) I have learnt a lot, firstly in which tense to write i.e. first. And how to commit one project at a time. Spread your self too thin and your no good to anyone.


Well here we go national novel writing month starts tomorrow. I went to a regional nano meeting sunday night and found it quite cool to talk to other writers. I thought I would wish everyone a good journey, you know fifty thousand words is not that big a number.
Now fifty one thousand words that is scary.
How come nano is through November? I bet most story’s start as a horror. If it started in December they would be all Christmas themed. Although thinking about it no one would ever finish one as the last week is spent to much rich food and wine. That’s no fuel for writing, not for me I need coffee and every now and then a little whisky just to wake me.

Good luck to everyone taking part and if your not, well good luck to you too.


National novel-writing month or as it is so fondly known NaNoWrimo.

One of the hardest obstacles a writer will face is not the spelling or the grammar or even the prose. It’s the ability to finish a lengthy piece of work. To cover an essay or a short story maybe even an article for a local paper Is very admirable and worth praise. The poems and sonnets that are injected to Facebook and poem hunter on a daily basis are beyond me and I hold my hands up and say I’m no poet. But to compleat a hundred thousand plus word novel is like a marathon of the mind. It takes sacrifice and dedication, and a belief in ones self that this story is worth writing down.

NaNoWrimo is a competition that is held every November across the globe. The premise is simple write fifty thousand words with in the month of November. No stopping for spell checking, prose or composition. Just get the story on the page as fast as you can. Then in December, January, February and so on you can fix any issues.
I love this as it tuck me over a year to write my first draft of my first novel purple. In taking so long to write you inherit continuity problems as well as character changes. Basically over a year my ability as a writer improved as did my writing. Sounds good and yes how could that not be. But it also made the rewrite more arduous, it’s hard to rewrite your voice. If I could have written it within says three months then it would have been more stable and I know this from things I have written since. They start and finish with the same voice.
So give it a go, fifty thousand words in one month. It’s great fun and if you sign up to the website there are many other writers willing to push you everyday. I will be there.