Writing Stuff

I have been writing or should I say rewriting my novel, this is to send to someone who is going to give me some feedback. on things like Story, plot, characters and so on.

This being my first novel length story, I have learnt quite a bit about how I write and have seen many problems while also seeing many good points. A bad point for example is the show don’t tell rule. I seem to be breaking this over and over again, this will lead to many rewrites, not of the whole book just the relevant bits. I am also noticing that I break into the ‘he thought’ and ‘she thought’ quite a bit at times. This again make for the show don’t tell rule. when I’m in there head and conveying there thoughts then I’m telling and not showing. this is ok if say I want to get the characters from one part of town to the other with no relevant story needed to be told about that journey.

Example : He thought, it best to lead his team straight to the station, when reaching the tall door, he thought. God I’m pleased to have got them here safely.

This although a bad sentence gets rid of many pages of description that would have been written if I showed then getting to the police station. The story should dictate whether it is needed or not. The problem is when I’m writing and its 11:30pm my eyes are falling closed on every breath. then it seems easy to replace five pages with one sentence.

But now that I work through the manuscript my tardiness is obvious. It makes me question the rule (there are many rules about this writing lark) just write no matter how bad you can sort it out in the second draft. now I’m in second draft it seam I should have been more decisive.

I think you learn as you write.

Emotions part 3

I try to regret as little as possible.

I believe regret leads to only dark and hurtful thoughts. I suppose that if you look at any disision (it’s disision that make regrets) it’s to not make it a flippant one. Take time and make sure you have covered all aspects.

Looked at all the relevant paths and discarding the weak ones. What you are left with is the few true remaining paths. This for me limits the potential for regret.
It’s not foolproof, I have some regret to disision I have made but I am happy that at the time they seemed right. Hindsight is a wonderful tool only for a time traveler. Us simple folk will just have to make the best we can with what we have.

Hello world!

Hello world!

Hi this is my first blog which i first posted last year on blogpost. Now I have found wordpress and thought i would move all the post over here. I like the fact that i can use my web address steven-glenn.com and not stevenglenn@blogspot.com. So below is a picture of me and my first blog. Enjoy.
This is my profile picture and I thought I should explain why, where, and when?
  • Why?
Well, thats simple, its Steven Kings latest novel and I simply love reading Stephen King. I find he is a brilliant story teller, with situations and characters that pull you right into the story. He is without a doubt one of my favorite writers.
  • Where?
Lanzarote in the canary islands. I had a vacation there with my family this November, and yes it was 25c in the shade. We landed back in the UK to 4c, its now dropped to as low as 15c just the other night. It’s hard to believe just over one month ago I was sun bathing.
  • When?
I think I just kind of answered that, but with the risk of repeating my self we left on November the fourteenth arriving back on the twenty-first just seven days later, not enough time by far, I could have stayed one more week easy.
So thats the picture explained.
Now I have many a dilemma in my day to day life and I might just use this blog as a way of, lets say working them out. For instance van dyke or no van dyke is my current dilemma. This December I started to grow a van dyke, now you might think ‘well thats great you go for it enjoy your van dyke’ but and I mean BUT because this do’s not just involve me. I think I will leave this there today not to be spiteful but just to give me something to say tomorrow I might even include a picture of the thing as well.