When we reflect I cannot help but wonder why. People I speak to seem to reflect back on there life with the filter of  regret. I can honestly say there are only a handful of friends and family in my life that follow my interpretation of reflection.

Above is a collage of words from my tags of the last year. I can say that these are the most important words from my last year of posts. When I look over these, it makes me reflect with in, I see happy, sad and great social times. The last year has brought me the death of my father. The finish of my book. The realisation that I need to do more. Also a great growth within my self. My first blog almost a year ago was (and you can look this up in my archives if you wish) To Van Dyke or not To Van Dyke That is the Question. Since than I have posted fifty seven times subjects ranging from information about my writing  to family holidays, great social events such as the Royal Wedding and some very personal events too.

This is the past and we should learn from this, not repeat it.

We hold onto the past with notions that to persist and repeat will bring better results. It will not.

Most conversations I will have over the next twenty four hours about the future, will involve the past. Trying to make a better future by clinging onto a changed or modified past.

The glory days are just that.

We anchor ourselves with Memories but we set ourselves free with Dreams.

We look forward and shape the future, use your glory days, don’t repeat them.

On this I wish you all a very happy and productive New Year. I look forward to the new challenges it will bring.


In Bed With The Royal Wedding

Wow, is all I can say.

I can remember the street party with Charles and Diana, it was brilliant for a young child as I was at the time. If you have been reading the last few days i’v been away for a short break. My wife asked me if I wanted to watch the royal wedding on friday. My answer was “Its not really a big thing anymore, so I don’t really care either way” That was that and we left with no set plan to watch.

We came back late last night as traffic and road closures around London could have made the journey back today hectic. Hence this morning I woke, turned the tv on in the bedroom, there in 42″ of screen was the Royal Wedding. Knowing that the wife would love to watch this I went and made a pot of coffee. We then proceeded to sit in bed drink three cups of coffee, not even stoping to brush our teeth.

It was a Royal Wedding fest.

By the time Kate Middleton was meant to leave the hotel I was actually excited to see the dress. The two Princes where looking nobel and royal. In my imagination my to boys Weddings were playing out. Then I was struck by the people lining the streets of London. The excitement must have been palpable and the sense of a united interest Great. I was happy to be english today and with all the bad happening in the world today it felt good to be proud of being British.

My wife was very excited to see the evening dress only moments ago, tomorrow morning we are to see the going away dress. As for my comment “Its not really a big thing anymore” I was wrong all weddings are a big thing and the royal wedding is the biggest.

It will be interesting to see what Prince Harry will do on his  big day.

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