To save a life

I wrote a post this morning about the neutrino and how it seems to have traveled faster then the speed of light. I was happy with it, and will post it later maybe tomorrow.
The thing is I then received a call from my wife who is in London on business and has been there most of the week. She began the conversation with “you never believe what I have just done” Her voice was shaky and I could hear tears in her voice. “Iv just brought a man back to life”
I said. ” what, I don’t under stand”
“I man collapsed on the tube and died he went blue and everything, then Stopped breathing and stopped moving too”

Me being so supportive normally, I had nothing to say, apart from “well done” I mean come on.
She began CPR and brought him back to life.

She said “It was like on the films when when they take the big breath and suddenly he is alive again”

I am so proud of her, she had the training and many people have, but who would use it. If I’m honest I don’t know if I would have the balls to step up to the mark. And I think until you are in the situation you will never will know.

So Joanne ( my wife ) I’m so proud of you.