How time can stand still

I met my wife when she was eight-teen and she worked on a market stall selling clothing. I would wait for her at a food stall in sight of her while she would finish each day. Usually i was eating a bacon and egg sandwich.(the good old days when this was not a treat) I was twenty-one at the time and Never realised what impression this made in me.
This morning I revisited the food stall by pure chance, again waiting for my wife, this time she is not in sight of me because she now managers an outlet for a company called Biotherm. Seventeen years on I’m sitting on the same chair as I did back then and like a unbroken habit I order a coffee and a bacon and egg sandwich, it was like i had never left.

We may move jobs and grow into more experienced people but as I sit here now I feel the same as I did back then. Time truly stands still in some places.