To have a van dyke or not to have a van dyke that is the question?

To have a van dyke or not to have a van dyke that is the question?

(please not this was published december last year)
As promised here is the picture of my van dyke. Now believe me when I say, ‘I don’t love this’. What I do like is the ability it gives me to mess with my looks. You see from as long as I can remember I have always been told to take care of my appearance. My father would give me big talks in the bathroom telling me how to brush my teeth, make sure my hair was in good order before leaving the house. This is all good and no doubt you were told the same. So you might ask why I’m bring this up? well the answer to that is that I’m thirty-eight years old and I have noticed a slight thinning of my hair…my hair line migrating north leaves not much to play with these days. So I’m at, lets say a cross roads to what I choose to play with.
Here is the dilemma do I keep the van dyke? Do I do something with my hair instead? When I first decided to grow the van dyke it was because we are holding a New Year’s Eve party and its fancy dress with a cowboy theme. So I thought why not grow this, get a half decent fancy dress outfit and i will be the part. Simple you would think, the problem was not in me, it was in the way people changed round me, the way people looked at me in the street and spoke to me. I seemed to be getting more, dare I say it…respect. I mean why? Why would having a bit of hair on my face give people a different view of me. I suppose you could look at it from another point of view, maybe it is me that has changed! Maybe my approach to people has changed therefore making their response differ from it had been before the van dyke. If you would like to compare me before then here is my profile picture where I don’t have the van dyke.

I am married, so this probably will give my wife a slight say in the decision, after all it is she who will have to look at me every day.
My wife hates it, she says it make my look forty-eight and mean like nasty mean. I don’t see ether of those points but she will have much weight when it comes to making this decision on New Year’s Day. Looking at the two pictures now on this blog I kind of like the no van dyke version of my to the van dyke version. I am slightly tanned and on the beach so we all look good there or should I say we all think we look good there. Anyway if any one ever comes to my blog them please leave a comment as to which you prefer. Pro van dyke or against van dyke I will make the decision on New Year’s Day. I will post a picture then.
Have a good new year.